How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use?

If you use a laptop and often worry about power bills, you may wonder, “How many watts does a laptop use?” There are different types of laptops in the market. Some are made to handle light daily work, whereas some are made to address some of the most demanding video games. Thus, you may think that the power consumption of different laptops will differ.

Depending on the type of work a laptop handles, the wattage range for laptops ranges from 30W to 200W. However, some gaming laptops can touch more than 320W. The average wattage for some of the most common laptops is 65W. It is good to know that the amount of wattage a laptop uses will seldom reach the amount of power wattage listed.

This post will explore why it’s vital to know the amount of wattage consumed by your laptop. We’ll also look at how many watts a laptop uses.

Is It Necessary to Know How Much Wattage Your Laptop Uses?

Most of you may wonder why bother trying to find the amount of wattage your laptop uses. It is always a good idea to determine the amount of wattage your electronic appliances and devices use. This will give you an idea of how much power you need every month, how much power remains unused, and your average power bill.

If a device or an appliance starts consuming more power than usual, then something is wrong with it. That will be a good indication for you to fix or change it.

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use?

Some of the best-selling laptops have an average wattage consumption of 65W. However, if a computer consumes half of its listed power rating during its active mode every hour, it will absorb 32.5 watt-hours of electricity.

Do you use your laptop for more extended hours? Suppose your regular use is 14.3 hours in off mode, 9.4 hours in idle and high-performance mode, and 0.3 hours in sleep mode. In this case, your laptop will consume around 55.45W hours daily, 1,686.6W hours monthly, and 20,238.8W hours annually.

The off mode will allow a laptop to consume less electricity than during the sleep mode. However, your laptop consumes more power while it’s off than in sleep mode due to the estimated hours of use in each mode.


At a time, a computer meant a monitor, a cabinet, and a mouse. Although this form of a computer, called a desktop, is prevalent in many places, the smaller version, a laptop, is more popular. As the name suggests, a laptop is small enough to keep and operate on your lap. It does not include a separate monitor, cabinet, and mouse.

There are different types of laptops in the market. Some are made to deal with light work, and some are made to handle long hours of work. As a result, different laptops will consume different amounts of power. However, the average power consumption of most laptops ranges from 30W to 200W, with 65W being the most common power consumption.

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