About Us

About Us

GetThatPC is a major consumer technology digital media organization that focuses on providing in-depth evaluations, tech trends, and breaking tech news. We handle a wide range of devices, from laptops to desktops to HDTVs to monitors to printers to iPads and tablets.

The team of experts at GetThatPC is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information. We provide unbiased and independent advice while maintaining close contact with our audience through social media and email.

Founded in August 2020, GetThatPC has grown its network of websites to reach over 10, 000 unique visitors and draw substantive page views each month. GetThatPC community encompasses the many friend and followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and other social media.

GetThatPC’s native desktop PC review and testing platform cover the wide estate of desktop computing, monitors, and HDTVs.

GetThatPC’s Review Assurance

At GetThatPC, we always strive to be the ultimately trusted site in tech. So far, we have reviewed more than 100 products and services.

Check out all of our reviews, tips, and blogs here:

GetThatPC’s Lab Confirmed Reviews & Test Results

When a new PC is released, we can provide you with an independent review within 24 hours. For bigger items such as HDTVs and printers, our 4 to 6 weeks of testing assures you of accurate review results.

GetThatPC’s print and video reviews are backed by rigorous lab tests that assure accuracy, repeatability, and consistency under simulated real-life conditions.

All GetThatPC team members are required to take the College Level Lab Assisted Review (CLAR) workshops where they are trained in performance testing, reliability tracking, benchmarking methods, and proper lab etiquette.

Our team of analysts, editors, columnists are among the best you can ever get on the planet, who not only elicit expertise in the various niches, but are also passionate about tech; in fact, they’re the same folks we write our reviews for –those who always want to have the front row seat about and use of the latest and best technology.

Here is our promise to you:

  • We do not accept/take payment to review products.
  • Our selection of products for review is, solely, our discretion, and in that way, we review products based on what we want our readers would want to know.
  • In our reviews, we’ll tell you want we know, our expert opinion on a product, and what we think about that particular product, not what the advertisers want you to know.
  • If a product doesn’t meet the threshold of our high standards, we’ll just tell out and why. If possible, we compare to a product that makes up on that gap.
  • If it occurs to you that we aren’t holding to our side of the promise, please email the lead analyst (by filling up the contact form) and we’ll put our effort to make everything straight.

Our rating system

Apparently, we use the all-familiar five-star rating system, calculated as a percentage. That way, we keep things clear and simple. As always, the more stars, the better. However, even though we use the simple rating system, we first scrutinize the product based on a number of criteria. All these attributes give us a clear picture of the product, and the ideal rating. In rating, we focus on:

Our product ratings


Nobody want a wonky system. So, how does the product feel: How is the construction? Cheap or premium?


We have categories on all our sections, so depending on the use of the feature-set, we’ll tell why it deserves to ‘be/or not’ in that class. Does it meet what you want for particular use?

Ease of Use

Do you get to use the product easily? How are the controls situated? Is it logically set for that particular set?


How well is the product suited to work? Is it possible to have any problems with the product if you use it? Are all features functional?


Is the product providing a good return on investment? Or maybe you’ll have to go elsewhere?

…and, what’s a hands-on review?

‘Hands on Reviews’ are simply the first impressions we get after tinkering with a product for a while. That may mean some basic tests on some products (sound system, for example), or maybe an extensive play-with of a particular product that we’ll naturally end up sharing the experience.

Laptop hands on review

We make sure to attend product invitations during/prior to product launches, exhibitions, workshops, tech shops among other events.

We also attend seminars, courses, and workshops to gain insight into the latest technologies.

The important thing is that we get time to play with ourselves, maybe even before anyone else does, and thus can give you some sense of what it’s like to use them, and maybe why you should care about the product, or not.

Lead Analysts, Editors, Columnists & Contributors

Our Lead analysts, editors, columnists, and contributors strive to bring in-depth insights from the heart of the tech community. Our columnists post articles regularly, and some have their own tech-gigs and we strive to support them as they are invaluable assets. You’ll find articles from seasoned columnists regularly on our homepage.

We have had many industry experts dedicated to delivering in-depth reviews, profile tech trends and breaking tech news. We cover the delicate intersection of laptops, desktops, HDTVs, monitors, printers, iPads, tablets, smartphones, home appliances and many more.

Our Content Vision – GetThatPC magazine – It’s not an online store!

We see GetThatPC Magazine as a way of having our say, unbiased but with informed opinions. We don’t do this for marketing purposes or anything like that. The website is a platform where we can deliver our take on the latest products in the market.

Our content vision is to be ‘THE’ guide for consumers when it comes to making a buying decision, and our main aim is to inform you about what you should or shouldn’t buy. If a product makes that grade, we’ll tell you why, and if not, we’ll give an honest answer. We want to be a one-stop-shop for anything tech, from laptops & gadgets to HDTVs and printers & scanners.

Getthatpc vision

We review products that are within our reach because this impacts the way we write product reviews. Our personal experience helps us deliver a more honest and trustworthy product review.

We have written many reviews on the use of technology, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop PCs as well as accessories such as headphones, speakers and earphones. We’ve even reviewed some cool gadgets for gamers out there.

In addition to our website, we also try to make it easier to find the product you want, by performing comparisons of some of the best products in their categories. Some articles may compare TVs while others might be on printers, scanners and so on.

We know how important it is for you to get detailed information about a particular product before making that purchase decision. That’s why we offer honest and unbiased opinions on the latest products out in the market.

You’ll find detailed reviews on GetThatPC Magazine, which will include screenshots, sample images, and test results for your further consideration.

We also provide you with honest opinions wherever possible; this includes reviewing existing technology that hadn’t been considered or included in tests by other publications before.

We are not an online store, but if you find that the product you’re looking at on GetThatPC Magazine is also available on Amazon, feel free to check the price there. Also, if it’s available for purchase locally or overseas (in foreign currency), we’ll let you know where to buy it (local or not local).

In summary,

At GetThatPC we’ll tell you about the latest tech news and product reviews, as well as the best deals on gadgets.

We’ll explain how it works and why you should care (or not).

Then it’s up to you. Add your own comments and opinions. Review gear for yourself.

There’s no monopoly on the truth here – tell us what you think


  • Victor is a tech writer and blogger for GetThatPC. A writer and SEO consultant of popular tech sites such as Computer Shopper. He loves sharing his thoughts with the world through his blogs and it has always been his dream to write in print, too. When he is not busy blogging, he takes time out to enjoy the company of friends or play video games on PC. As a hardware analyst, Victor tests and reviews laptops, peripherals, and much more at GetThatPC. He previously covered the consumer tech beat at Examiner.com and has done consulting work for some of the biggest names in the industry. Victor R was recognized by TopSEOs as one of the Top 30 People in Digital Marketing, 2017.

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