How To Crash A Discord Server?

Perhaps you’ve experienced a recent crash on Discord and want to know how to crash a Discord server? This is a common problem that many Discord users face regularly. Applications may crash now and then. Several instances have occurred where some of the most prominent applications have crashed, such as Gmail. However, the technicians in the backend always manage to get the app up and running within a short period.

There are several ways due to which Discord may crash. Thankfully, none of the causes are too severe to leave the application down for many days. This is good news for the communities that use Discord to communicate and share data and information. In addition, they use the application to socialize and stay on par with the latest happenings.

How Does Discord Crash?

Do you often find Discord crashing on your computer? A couple of factors may lead to the application crashing so constantly. First, it may so happen that the application received a recent update with some bugs. These bugs may lead to frequent crashes of Discord. The presence of bugs in a software update may happen with any application.

Secondly, it may also happen that there could be a cache-related concern, or your files may have become corrupt. This may also lead to frequent crashes of Discord and force the application to behave abnormally.

How to Crash a Discord Server with a GIF

The application may crash if you send two or more GIFs in quick succession on Discord. You may avoid this mishap by pasting the GIFs in a group DM, ordinary DM, or a server. Ensure that you send the GIFs in succession. It would help if you remembered that apart from the Discord application crashing, it may also slow down the background processes of your computer.

How Do You Resolve the Problem?

Although the first cause is not within your control, you can try solving the second cause of frequent Discord crashes. Corrupted computer files or cache associated with your Discord application may freeze or crash the app. The best solution to the problem is to clean the cache files. This may solve the problem quickly.

Sometimes, you may fail to install software the way it should be. Corrupted installation of any software may force the application to malfunction. This may also be possible with Discord. Thus, uninstall the application and try installing it again properly and carefully.


A famous name to consider is Discord among the various VoIP and instant messaging platforms. The application is top-rated amongst gamers, developers, and NFT enthusiasts. They use it to send text messages and voice and video calls. Discord is compatible with all operating systems, such as Android, Windows, Linux, and iOS.

However, like any other application or software, Discord may crash for several reasons. For example, it may be due to bugs in an updated version of the app or an error during its installation. Whatever the reason is, it is simple to get Discord back up and running.

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