How To Reboot A Dell Laptop?

If you cannot restart your Dell laptop, it may be beneficial to know how to reboot a Dell laptop. The Dell brand is one of the most reliable laptop brands on the market. Nonetheless, Dell laptops are sometimes prone to freezing, which can make rebooting problematic. 

So, how do you reboot a frozen Dell laptop? Various methods are available for rebooting your Dell laptop. Most conveniently, you can do this by pressing Alt + F4 key simultaneously. You can also reboot your laptop through its Start menu. Or you can also use the power button on your Dell laptop to reboot it.

Methods To Reboot A Dell Laptop

Method 1: Through Start Menu

The Start menu offers a traditional and recommended way to reboot any laptop. Here is how.

  • Click the Windows symbol or “Start” button.
  • You can choose between “Sleep, Shutdown, and Restart.” Selecting “Restart” will reboot your computer.

By doing so, you can reboot your Dell laptop. However, if your laptop is not allowing you to access the start menu, then you can try some other methods. 

Method 2: Using Shortcut Keys

You can use various shortcut keys to reboot your Dell laptop quickly. With Alt + F4, you can close any open window and reboot your laptop simultaneously.

To reboot your laptop, press Alt + F4 together and select “Restart” from the list. Other than this, you can also press Ctrl + Alt + Delete simultaneously to reboot it.

Method 3: Using Power Button

You can shut down your laptop without damaging its hard drive by pressing the power button. Hold the power button, and your laptop will shut down safely. It will allow internal components to shut down without causing any damage to the hard drive.

Method 4: By Removing Power Supply

You can also reboot your laptop by removing its power supply. The laptops get their power either from the power cable or the battery. Therefore, you will need to remove the laptop’s power cable or take out the battery to restart it. 

You must hold your power button before disconnecting the power and battery. If you hold down the power button for a few seconds, it will allow components on your motherboard to discharge their charge. 

Components such as capacitors will lose their charge and turn off your Dell laptop. However, remember that it has the potential to damage your circuitry by causing a spike in power. Therefore, IT professionals don’t recommend doing this.  


You can’t go wrong with Dell if you are looking to buy a laptop. Dell laptops, however, can sometimes freeze up. 

However, when your Dell laptop freezes or isn’t working as it should, don’t worry, as you can still fix it via rebooting. This article will help you reboot your Dell laptop even if it has frozen.

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