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Are you looking to upgrade your Dell laptop and looking for a comparison of Dell Precision vs. XPS? Dell has different laptop series’ in the market, with Precision and XPS being two top choices. When laptop shopping, one might get confused between these two. The first step to finding the right one is understanding the tasks that you need your laptop for.

Dell precision computer series can handle professional needs, while the Dell XPS series targets consumer needs. Both models are similar in terms of high-quality components and durability. However, they are different in price, with XPS being more affordable. Other differences include battery life, number of USB ports, storage capacity, processors, and more.

So many factors will come into play when choosing a laptop. It’s important to know what you want before making a purchase. Let’s go in-depth on the Dell Precision and Dell XPS series laptops to help you make an informed decision.

What Is Dell Precision?

Dell precision series are designed to carry out tasks like computer-aided designs and other professional work requiring heavy computer usage. 

The first of its series, Precision tower 5810, hit the market in 1997. Its CPU used AMD, Intel Pentium, and Intel core processors. While on graphics, it supported Nvidia Quadro, AMD FirePro, and AMD Radeon. 

Over the years, the company has released several models of the Dell precision series containing great features like 4k screens. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Precision 5760 Workstation

The Precision 5760 Workstation has a fast 11th generation Intel core i7-11850H processor, Windows 10 Pro, and a 17-inch display. It is the thinnest of Dell precision workstations weighing just 4.70 lb. Furthermore, the workstation has ample memory space and supports AR/VR. 

Precision 7560 Workstation

This is the smallest Dell mobile workstation. Its features include; a display view of 15 inches, Windows 10 Pro, a high-speed 11th generation Intel core i7-11850H processor, a 4GB NVIDIA T1200 graphics card, and three years warranty period.

Precision 5570 Workstation

The Precision 5570 Workstation is another model in the series with some impressive features. It comes with a light-speed 12th generation Intel core i7-12800H processor, and the Dell recommended windows 11 pro for business. It has a clear and wide display view of 15.6 inches, a huge memory capacity, and an 8GB NVIDIA RTX T2000. This exceptional computer weighs 4.06 lbs.

What Is Dell XPS?

Dell XPS, or Extreme Performance System, is a series of consumer-oriented premium computers. It comes in laptops and desktop models. Dell XPS first hit the tech market in 1993 as XPS 466V. Over the years, Dell XPS has evolved, with every series carrying a whopping 8GB of RAM. The Dell XPS is cheaper than precision. Let’s take a deeper look at the Dell XPS series.

XPS 15 Laptop

This model of Dell XPS has a wide and clear 15.6 inches display view. Other features include; a fast 12th generation Intel core i7-12700H processor and Windows 11 Home. It has the same weight as precision 5570 but comes with about half of its internal memory capacity. Also, you get a 1-year warranty.

XPS 13 Plus Laptop

This ultra-slim model of the Dell XPS series is lightweight and comes in variants of grey and black colors. It has 8GB of internal memory, about half the memory capacity of XPS 15, and a quarter of precision 5570.

Furthermore, it uses the 12th generation Intel core i5- 1240P processor and a clear display view of 13.4 inches. Also, you get just a 1-year warranty when you purchase this beauty when you buy from official stores.

XPS 17 Laptop

The XPS 17 Laptop model is super-fast, having a 12th generation Intel core i7-12700H. It has similar features and speculation as precision 5570, except that its memory capacity is half the size of precision 5570. It has about twice the weight of the XPS 13.

Similarities Between Dell Precision and XPS

Let’s go over what both PCs share in common.

High-quality Design

Both Dell precision and XPS have high-quality designs. They both come with sleek and thin bodies. Plus, you will not find any bulky parts on either of them.


Both Dell precision and the XPS are very lightweight. They weigh less than 5 pounds on average. Therefore, they are easy to carry, and you won’t have to worry about breaking your back while lugging them around.

Frequent Upgrades

You can expect frequent upgrades on both Dell Precision and XPS. Both have been upgraded over time, and each upgrade gives you better performance and more features.


Both Dell precision and Dell XPS are compatible with all major operating systems. They can run almost all the software available today. Plus, they are compatible with other hardware devices such as printers, scanners, etc.

Differences Between Dell Precision and XPS

Although both models are amazing, they have some features that give one an edge over the other. We’ll explain some key differences below.


Dell Precision is designed for professionals who require a rugged computer that can withstand heavy usage. Dell XPS, on the other hand, is designed for consumer use either at home or office.


Dell precision comes with longer warranty periods, sometimes up to 5years. An example is Dell 7560, which has a three-year warranty. On the other hand, Dell XPS computers have an average one-year warranty period. 

Storage Capacity

All Dell XPS has an average RAM of 8GB; however, Dell Precision has some models within its series with a RAM of just 4GB. Dell precision has an average storage space of 32GB internal and 512GB external capacity for hard discs. On the other hand, Dell XPS has, on average, 8GB- 16GB internal storage capacity and 512Gb eternal.


Dell XPS series comes with the latest processors of 12th generation Intel core i5 and i7. However, Dell precision comes with older versions of processors.

Battery Life

Reviews online have shown that some Dell Precision users complain that their laptop battery dies within four years. As for Dell XPS, short battery life is not a common issue.

USB Ports

Dell precision models usually come with 4 USB ports, but XPS models have 3 USB ports on average.


As for price, the XPS offers more affordable options compared to Dell precision. The Dell Precision comes with higher price tags as they carry higher hardware components. Also, users can access tech support from Dell directly.


Although Dell precision is more expensive than Dell XPS, they are both great computers. You should consider buying one based on your needs. If you need a powerful machine for work, go for Dell precision. If you want something light and portable, then get the Dell XPS.

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