Can You Use Two Different Brands Of Ram?

Can you use two different brands of ram? Depending on their manufacturer, there are often two RAM slots or more in most laptops and desktops. Most of today’s motherboards are equipped with four slots for memory expansion. There’s a widespread belief that you can’t utilize various RAM sizes or brands together.

But you can use two different brands of RAM, even if the RAM sticks aren’t the same size. Nevertheless, employing RAM modules that aren’t a good fit for one another might severely impact your computer’s stability and performance. You might not even be able to tell the difference in performance depending on the configuration of your system and the amount of work you have to do.

You’ll learn everything there is to know about using two different RAM brands in this article.

What Is RAM?

Computers employ random access memory (RAM) as data storage, typically situated on the motherboard. Since it can read and write data up to 20–100 times quicker than hard drives, it’s the primary storage medium for computers needing quick data access.

It is possible to access all of the memory locations simultaneously, which is why the term “random” is used to describe this feature. RAM is a sort of volatile memory. This means that when the computer shuts down, all the information in RAM will be erased.

Can You Use Two Different Brands Of RAM?

The question of whether it is wise to mix RAM brands differs from the question of whether it is possible to do so. Of course, if you’ve got the technological know-how, you can use two different brands of RAM. However, you are strongly advised to utilize RAM sticks of the same frequency, size, speed, and manufacturer.

RAM Size

The overall opinion is that mixing RAM modules in your computer is bad. This implies that DDR2 should not be used with DDR3 and vice versa. Regarding RAM, DDR3 should not be used with DDR, and so on. The fact that they do not fit into the same slots makes this aspect of the process relatively simple.

RAM Brands

If you want to change your RAM, you can try to mix it up by using different manufacturers. However, for your convenience, it’s best to go with a single brand of RAM. 

You won’t be required to do anything new, and the danger to your machine will be reduced to a significant degree. You must ensure that every stick’s voltage, timings, and CAS latency are the same.

RAM Speeds

It is possible to combine different RAM speeds. This is a common practice among many people. You must ensure that all the critical parts are in sync, such as voltage, timings, and CAS latency. 


Overall, it’s not advisable to combine different brands of RAM unless there are no other alternatives available to you or you want to save up to purchase additional RAM of the same brand. Note that the performance of your computer will never exceed the capabilities of the RAM that is of a lesser grade.

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