Best Laptops for Project Managers

Best Laptops for Project Managers

Project managers work on a lot of ideas which they have to present to their bosses. These presentations are often very big and complex projects that require a lot of work on the presentation. This is the reason why many managers find themselves spending more time on projects than they do at their homes or with their families. And for this reason, it becomes important that one finds the best laptop that will help them carry out their project management functions effectively and efficiently.

The following list takes into consideration all these functions and suggests some laptops that will be helpful in carrying out various functions in project management:

What We Took Into Consideration

• The first major function in project management is communication: Project managers come across several communication issues when managing projects and therefore, communication is something that needs to be taken care of when choosing a laptop. These days, it has become easier to communicate as most laptops come with keyboards and display screens that give high-speed internet access so finding a good laptop for communication is not difficult.

• The next major function in project management is the presentation: Project managers have to make several presentations during the course of their projects. And this is where they need a decent laptop that will allow you to connect HDMI or VGA cables when required. There are several laptops available in the market which allow one to use an additional monitor apart from the screen provided by them when making presentations. This allows you to work on two things at once thus saving time and making your job simpler.

• The third major part of project management is documentation: There are different kinds of documents that you will be required to prepare when managing a project and each of these documents has different functions. Some of them need to be in electronic form so that can they can be accessed very easily while others require printed versions for the same purpose. There are several laptops available in the market with advanced internal storage systems which allow one to save documents on their laptop and access them when needed. This makes documentation easy and efficient.

• The fourth major function of project management is data gathering: Data gathering involves collecting data from all the team members involved in a project and then analyzing it thoroughly before making any kind of decision-based on that data. This is often done through surveys where the entire team fills out a questionnaire that consists of multiple questions which help you gather the information that can help you make important decisions. A good laptop for data gathering would be the one that comes with a webcam and microphone through which you can connect to all of your team members, ask them questions, and record their responses. This saves time as well since once the questionnaire is filled up by all team members, you do not have to meet each member separately to get information about the project.

• The fifth major function of project management is analysis: Analysis involves studying various factors before making any decision regarding a certain aspect in the project. An effective way of carrying out this function in many cases would be by using spreadsheets and graphs so that one can find and analyze data quickly without much effort. All laptops nowadays come with excel installed on them but what makes a laptop suitable for analysis is the availability of data processing software which can readily process data and generate graphs, charts, and spreadsheets.

• The last major function in project management is documentation: Once a decision has been made regarding a project, it becomes important that you document all necessary information regarding the same. This includes writing progress reports as well as maintaining records of previous projects for future reference. A good laptop for this purpose would be one that easily allows one to access all documents from external storage devices such as USB drives or hard disk drives so that they can carry them wherever they go. It should also have an advanced operating system with high recovery rates to avoid any loss of important information that might occur during normal computer usage. These are some major functions in project management and keeping them in mind while buying a laptop can help you buy the perfect one.

8 Best Laptops for Project Managers

Dell XPS 13 (9310)

Apple MacBook Air (M1, Late 2020)


Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 (2021)

LG GRAM 17 (2021)