Lenovo vs Dell Desktop 2021

Lenovo vs Dell Desktop: Which Brand is Better?

Laptops have been our personal companions for the past years. They have given us big power and mobility at home, in school, and even at work. On one hand, we want to make sure our laptops work on a daily basis while on the other hand, we would like to replace it with a better device when we can afford to do that.

Laptop manufacturers know this and they come up with newer technology every year and they try to sell their product based on their specifications and features. Let’s see how two of the biggest laptop/desktop brands: Lenovo vs Dell desktop fare against each other in terms of three different factors: price, quality, and customer service.

So which brand is better? Lenovo or Dell Desktop?


Price is always an important factor in the sale of any product. Lenovo has always been known to be on the expensive side while Dell is more affordable when it comes to laptops. It is, however, important to note that price is never a good indicator of quality in any industry unless you are buying something very cheap with no warranty at all.


Dell’s products are mostly made of plastic which means their durability is lesser compared to Lenovo who likes metallic bodies in their devices.  However, this does not mean that Dell laptops or desktops are not durable because they can last for years too but if I were you then I would just get the one with better build quality because it lasts longer than its cheaper counterpart and sometimes spending about $100 – $200 more can get you a laptop that will last for many years.

Customer Service:

Lately, Lenovo has been getting bad press about its customer service. Many people do not like or appreciate the new automated system which some find hard to understand while others find it very impersonal.  This has led Dell to gain an upper hand in this category but it’s not only the cons of Lenovo’s new system that is causing them to lose their edge. There are also cases when some customers were put on hold for too long which made them switch brands altogether.  I think both companies have had their fair share of complaints about their customer service but I guess Dell can still take the trophy on this one because they’ve improved over the years.

Where to buy it:

Lenovo and Dell both have an official website where you can buy their products but if you want a better deal then I suggest going to a tech store where you live or buying from an online tech store that ships to your area. Beware of fake tech stores, though! There are many out there that sell fakes so make sure you look for the seal of approval before making any purchase. Other than their official websites, you can also buy from Amazon or Newegg.

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Lenovo Desktops

Lenovo’s first desktop computer was introduced in 2005. Lenovo has been a long-time player in the tech industry and although they have been mainly a laptop company, they have a wide portfolio of products.

Lenovo vs Dell Desktop 2021

Lenovo PCs are built to work well with Windows Operating System but fear not because they also support other operating systems as well such as Linux or Chrome OS.  In terms of price, Lenovo’s prices vary from the high-end gaming desktops to ultra-slim all-in-one PCs depending on your preferences and budget for this type of device. In addition, there is no need to worry about stability because their products are compatible with most third-party peripherals and parts which means you can easily upgrade or change it if you want and the tech support will always be there to help.

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Lenovo’s desktops come in different shapes and sizes but most of them are usually all-in-one PCs with a large touchscreen display, others have a smaller screen size like laptops which you can also rotate or detach from its body or base if they attach to it for better mobility and among these models, some still do not have a built-in display so you would need an external monitor. Their desktops come with various hardware depending on your needs such as hard drives (HDD), solid-state drive (SSD) for faster-booting speed, RAM, USB ports, Blu-ray combo, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. Here are some pros and cons for better understanding.


High-quality components

Lenovo uses high-quality components in their desktops so you can be sure they are very durable and will last for many years to come.  They also have great customer service just like Dell with powerful tech support that can really assist you if ever there is anything wrong with your device.

Lenovo PCs are often recognized as some of the best all-in-one PCs that money can buy because of their versatility and user-friendly design which makes it easy for anyone to use without hiccups no matter how little or much experience you have with computers or laptops before.

Business Desktops

Lenovo desktops are mostly the types that are made for business and corporate use which means they have built-in security software to protect your data from malware, hackers, and viruses.

Lenovo has been a long-time supporter of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system by offering desktops exclusively designed for the new OS. Even so, they do have other category desktops, such as gaming, student, and all-in-one desktops.


Upgrades are expensive

One thing that you should know about Lenovo is that it is very pricey when you want to upgrade or replace certain parts of your desktop. This is not ideal for those who are on a tight budget because if there’s anything wrong with your PC, no need to worry because their tech support will mostly have everything covered but if ever they do not have the part that you need then expect Lenovo to charge you an arm and a leg just to give it back working order again.

Lenovo PCs aren’t compatible with high-end video games

While some Lenovo models are excellent for business use, others are great for light gaming but if you’re looking for one that can play demanding AAA titles like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Far Cry 4 then you might want to look at other brands because some models may not be able to run these games smoothly.

Lenovo PCs are either open or non-upgradable

In addition, most of Lenovo’s desktops do not have a removable panel which means you cannot easily upgrade it on your own. For instance, if you want a more powerful graphics card for gaming, new RAM if yours is slowing down even though after upgrading it with their latest software updates, or a larger HDD that can hold more files then expect Lenovo to charge you for every single part that you need. This isn’t ideal for those who prefer an upgradable desktop that can keep up with your needs in the future.

Example of a Good Lenovo Desktop

Legion Tower (Intel 11th Gen six-core CPU) Gaming Desktop PC

If you’re a gaming desktop enthusiast, the Lenovo Legion Tower is among the best gaming desktops you can get for less than $1,000. It comes equipped with a high-performance processor and above-average graphics card which is, of course, necessary if you want to be able to play modern AAA titles at their highest quality settings without any lag or glitch whatsoever.

It has 8GB DDR4 memory w/ room for additional RAM up to 16GB, 1TB HDD for storing data plus an optional 2TB SSD which are common features that many gamers look for in order to maximize storage space while also having faster load times when playing demanding games.

It also includes Windows 10 Home edition along with being VR ready so expect this desktop to run your favorite PlayStation or XBOX games for at least a couple of years before you’ll need to replace it.

The Lenovo Legion Tower is an excellent affordable desktop choice for anyone looking to play AAA titles on high settings without any hiccups. It comes with the full support of Windows 10 OS, good RAM capacity, and an overall solid build that will let you enjoy your favorite games without having performance issues anytime soon.

Lenovo has different configurations of this desktop on offer.

Dell Desktops

Dell’s vision is to produce stylish desktop computers that can meet your needs no matter what they are so you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to their lineups in terms of hardware and design.

Lenovo vs Dell Desktop 2021


High-performance components

You’re probably thinking, “Wait! Isn’t Lenovo just as good when it comes to high-performance components?”, well yes but Dell has been doing this longer than Lenovo which means that they have more practice in making their desktop PCs even better with every passing year. In addition, Dell not only offers high-quality hardware but also provides excellent support for all of its customers around the globe which makes us feel confident about buying our next desktop from them.

Prices are affordable

In addition, Dell’s prices for their desktops are very reasonable as well so expect to get more value-for-money than you would with laptops.

Open and non-upgradable cases

According to most customers, they were able to open up the case of Dell’s desktop PCs without needing tools so upgrading it or making changes on your own is quick and easy. You can also easily remove the side panels in order to clean dust buildup which commonly occurs inside your computer. While some Lenovo models come with removable covers, others do not which means that you might need an extra set of hands just to open them up. Having a desktop that can be upgraded into something better in the future is definitely a plus.


Dell monochrome designs

If you’re bored with Lenovo’s dark-colored gaming desktops, Dell might have something for you in terms of the design department. However, there are some models that come with black and silver finishes, unlike Lenovo whose Legion series features an aggressive-looking beast-like chassis.

No USB Type-C

While Dell does have USB Type-C ports on some of its models, it’s still not as common to see compared with Lenovo who has released their Legion series PCs featuring two USB 3.0 and two USB Type-C ports for gamers who want the latest connection available today.

Good Example of a Leading Dell Desktop

Dell XPS and Alienware

Dell has a variety of well-known, great-performing desktops such the Dell XPS line and the Alienware gaming desktops.

The XPS Tower Special Edition is a step above Lenovo’s Legion series considering it comes with an 8th generation Intel Core i7-8700 processor along with 12GB of memory and 512 GB solid-state drive which won’t let you down when it comes to running your favorite AAA games.

It also has two USB 3.0, another two USB 2.0, an Ethernet port, HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, SD card reader, 7-in-1 media card reader plus high-end core components that are usually found on gaming desktops today plus being VR ready so expect this desktop to run your favorite PlayStation 4 or XBOX One games for at least a couple of years before you’ll need to replace it.

Alienware Aurora

Alienware’s Aurora gaming desktop is also an excellent alternative to Lenovo’s Legion gaming line since they have similar performance and specs. The main difference between them is the design of their chassis which makes the Aurora a great choice for PC gamers who want a desktop with a customizable LED lighting system. One downside is that it does not come with Intel Optane memory but this will only be a problem if you’re planning on using this for 4K or VR gaming purposes.

Lenovo vs Dell Deskop Conclusion

In terms of overall quality, both brands are superb in offering products that can satisfy your needs whether you’re playing games, working, watching movies, or even browsing the internet however, when it comes down to one over the other – they have different pros and cons.

Lenovo’s Legion series PCs are built for business users who want a better-looking desktop for office work, multimedia, and creativity. Dell, on the other hand, offers an impressive line of desktops that are ready to be customized by the user which means you get what you pay for in every aspect.

“Both Lenovo and Dell have solid performing desktops that can meet your budget requirements.”

In terms of value for money, Lenovo’s Legion series is a reliable pick if you want a breathtaking gaming experience without having to spend so much because it can offer similar specs as Dell’s Alienware and XPS line albeit in their respective price ranges.

With that said, Dell might be the better choice when it comes down to design since you won’t feel like your desk is cluttered with components which makes maintaining it difficult especially for gamers who constantly upgrade their PCs. Its Aurora desktop may also be worth considering if you’re not interested in Lenovo’s desktops but still wants an affordable machine that can handle 4K or VR gaming.

Bottom line, if I had to pick one, I’d take Dell’s offer especially if you’re looking for a workhorse that can effortlessly multitask without any issues. The only downside is the lack of USB Type-C which may turn some gamers off since Lenovo manages to pack it in their Legion series while still maintaining an affordable price tag.



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