Best Acer All In One AIO desktops

What are the best Acer All In One AIO desktops?

Acer Aspire series offers some of the most value-for-money AIOs around right now. We’ve already reviewed several units from this line-up including the Aspire 3, 5, and 7 models which look very sleek and have an awesome design language. They offer a much better value compared to Dell’s Inspiron 24 and 27 AIO desktop lineup or even Lenovo’s Ideacentre series. The build quality is also very strong on all of them.

Acer makes some really nice all in ones but they don’t have a lot of market share right now. They tend to do better in laptops than they do in desktops because Lenovo and Dell have more impressive offerings than what Acer currently has. While at it, feel free to also check out our best Acer gaming desktops and best Acer desktops for home use articles.

Overall though, if you’re looking for an Acer All In One AIO desktop Acer Aspire series is a great choice as the build quality and performance are top-notch! Here’s our list for the best Acer all in one AIO desktops that are currently available.

Best Acer AIO Desktops

1. Acer Aspire C 24 AIO Deskop (Acer Aspire C24-1650-UA92 AIO Desktop)

The Aspire C 24 AIO desktop is notable for its thin bezels and aluminum construction. It has a native display resolution of 1080p and a large metal stand to keep it from teetering. Its thin build makes it easy to fit in tight spaces. I loved it because it’s easy to use in a three monitor setup. The monitor itself has a pretty standard design, with a black border and a silver stand that allows it to be positioned vertically or horizontally.

The 23.8-inch Acer Aspire C24 comes outfitted with the Windows 10 Home operating system, but other options are available for either Windows 10 Home or Pro at additional cost. In addition, this desktop features 8GB of memory and 512GB of hard drive storage space offering plenty of space to store photos, videos, music, and more.

On the performance side, you get a 5th generation Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor w/ Intel HD Graphics 620. Its 1×1 802.11ac wireless card provides both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies which is great for users who want to connect multiple devices without having to switch networks.

The downside is that its display lacks touch input, but for basic tasks it’s ideal. Bottom line, Acer’s Aspire C24 AIO desktop is a great choice if you’re looking for a smaller-sized AIO desktop with a very thin build and aluminum construction.

  • Minimalistic design
  • Great full HD display
  • Lightweight form factor
  • Competition has better offerings

Bottom line, the Acer Aspire C 24 is a great budget AIO desktop if you’re looking for space savings. It’s also very cheap compared to its competition Dell Inspiron 24 7000.

2. Acer Aspire C 24 AIO Deskop

The Aspire C24 is the larger variant of the Aspire C22. It has roughly the same design with slightly larger bezels, but that doesn’t take away from its elegance. The Aspire C24 offers a number of improvements over the Aspire C22 like better native display resolution (4K), greater RAM capacity (up to 8GB) and faster CPU (Celeron J3455).

Acer Aspire C24 AIO Desktop

Other configurations ship with the Skylake Core i3-6100U and Integrated HD Graphics 520. The available memory is 8 GB DDR4 RAM and you get up to 128 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD worth of storage.

The downside is that it costs about $100 more than the Acer Aspire C22. However, this is still one of our favorites in terms of value for money as it offers a great CPU performance-to-price ratio and is one of Acer’s best AIO desktops featuring a 4K display at budget price points.

  • Decent design
  • Great performance for its class
  • Plenty of storage
  • Good selection of ports
  • Slightly high priced

Bottom line, the Acer Aspire C24 offers even more value than the smaller variant for only $100 more. It’s one of the best AIO desktops you can get in this price range. If you’re looking for an all-in-one PC to last you a few years, look no further than the Acer Aspire C24!

3. Acer Aspire C 27 AIO Deskop

If you’re working with limited space at your home or office, the Acer Aspire C 27 is a great choice. It weighs less than 9 pounds and comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse. It’s the same build as the Aspire C 24 but with a smaller display and thinner bezels.

Acer Aspire C27 AIO Desktop

This is also one of Acer’s best AIO desktops featuring an ultra-slim design, full HD IPS touch screen, and powerful hardware options like Core i3 processor and dedicated Nvidia GeForce 930A graphics card (4GB DDR5 VRAM).

You can also find a lower configuration that operates on a modest Intel Core i5 quad-core, 1GHz speed processor and an NVIDIA GeForce MX130 graphics card with 4GB. The memory capacity is 8 GB DDR4 RAM and you can get up to 128 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD worth of storage

The downside is that it comes at a starting price of $899 which makes it rather pricey for an All In One desktop. But if you can spare some extra cash and want performance on your all-in-one Acer Aspire C27 might offer better value than competitors like Dell Inspiron 27 7000 series or 37 7500 models.

  • Great minimalistic design
  • Plenty of ports
  • Great performance for daily tasks
  • Lightweight, easy to move around
  • The price might be a bit high

All in all, the Acer Aspire C 27 series offers some of the best all-in-one desktops you can find. They have a modern design language, feature aluminum construction, and offer great value for money. We definitely think you should check them out if you’re looking to buy an all in one!

4. Acer Aspire Z 24 AIO Deskop

At first glance, the Acer Aspire Z 24 looks good considering its larger 23.8-inch screen, superior CPU, and extra storage. The Aspire Z 24’s casing is made out of plastic, not aluminum. Such an enclosure will suffice for a low-end all-in-one, but I expect less plastic and more metal at around $1,000. The Acer’s display/PC casing is made of plastic, as is the base.

Acer Aspire Z 24 AIO Desktop

The system is 17.3 inches high, 21.3 inches deep, and 1.4 inches thick (HWD). The Aspire’s display is smaller than the iMac’s due to its thin bezel, despite the fact that it is larger than the iMac in every dimension (including height).

The majority of the system’s useful selection of ports are gathered together and readily available on the back panel. You get both HDMI-in and -out ports, two USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A ports, a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port, a USB 2.0 port, and an Ethernet port. (The HDMI input is convenient, allowing you to utilize it as a monitor with another video source before or after its useful service life as a PC has elapsed.)

Under the hood, the Aspire Z 24 packs a six-core, 2.4GHz Core i7-8700T processor with Intel HD 630 integrated graphics; 8GB of RAM; and a 2TB hard drive with 16GB of Intel Optane Memory. In addition to all of the benefits that hybrid hard drives offer, this medium also comes in a 3.5″ format and has a cache that lends some of the quick performance of a solid-state drive to a regular hard drive.

Thanks to a feature-packed system, the Aspire Z 24 delivered strong application performance. Its integrated graphics also affords it a decent gaming performance.

  • Strong six-core performance.
  • Thin bezels create a modern look
  • Useful port selection.
  • HD webcam and four mics create a videoconferencing dynamo
  • Design relies heavily on plastic.
  • Low-resolution display suffers from screen-door effect
  • Audible spinning hard drive

Bottom line, the Aspire Z 24 delivers great performance for this PC, but its plastic casing gives off an unwanted budget vibe. If you’re looking for a Windows computer that performs well but don’t care about the look, then the Acer Aspire Z 24 will do just fine.

5. Acer Chromebase AIO Desktop

The Acer Chromebase AIO Desktop is designed as a general-use Chromebase for office or school use. It’s less expensive than the iMac, but it has Intel processors, not Apple’s custom ARM chips. The system is thin and compact with an attractive narrow profile design. It looks like a stylish premium product for its class, but Acer makes large claims about security that may or may not be accurate – the jury is still out on these claims.

Acer AIO Chromebase Desktop

The Acer Chromebase 24I2 offers a limited set of features in a budget-priced all-in-one desktop PC with solid performance and superb wide viewing angles thanks to its In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel. This model delivers great value at a competitive price point while offering a fairly standard connectivity selection and a USB Type C port along with one HDMI connector.

The system is only 16.7 inches high, 19.6 inches deep, and 7.8 inches thick (HWD). The Acer Chromebase 24i2’s display is smaller than the iMac’s due to its thin bezel, despite the fact that it is larger than the iMac in every dimension (including height).

I was surprised by how much I liked using this all-in-one desktop right out of the box–it just worked well with no issues at all. It has a beautiful IPS touch screen for easy use and visibility even from wide angles, but I didn’t like its white back which can get dirty quickly if you don’t wipe it down regularly.

  • Easy setup.
  • Attractive, thin design.
  • Solid performance.
  • The white back is prone to smudges and stains.

Bottom Line, if you’re looking for a simple digital hub that can deliver on web-based tasks or general office work then the Acer Chromebase AIO Desktop is worth considering.

Conclusion: Are Acer All In One Desktops Any Good?

Yes. Acer All In One Desktops are good. Whether they’re good enough for you, however, depends on what you plan to use them for. If your bottom line is the best performance at the lowest price, then you might want to look elsewhere. Acer All In One Desktops are not as powerful as some other desktops. On the other hand, if what matters most is style and sleek design, with a decent amount of power and affordability thrown in, then these desktops deserve strong consideration.

These units aren’t ideal for high-performance users or heavy gamers but work very well for casual and even mid-level usage and can be turned into excellent video editing machines with an additional video card! Overall this family of PCs excels at ease of use and flexibility while delivering good midrange performance. If you are looking for an affordable desktop with a stylish design, then Acer All In One Desktops are worth considering.

The right all-in-one PC can bring style and convenience to your home office or kitchen counter, but they’re not for everyone — most don’t offer the expandability of mini PCs or full-size desktops, and some can be rather pricey. AIOs with touchscreens are gaining in popularity thanks to Windows 10’s touchscreen features, including support for more than one touchpoint. They look great sitting on a desk or cabinet, too. Fortunately, there are several top brands that make AIOs with first-class construction and distinctive designs so you’ll find something to match any decorating scheme — or budget.

Acer All In One Desktops are the best all-in-ones I’ve reviewed to date, with excellent hardware and a sleek design that allows for easy upgrades. The desktop’s performance is better than average but not as great as that offered by some competitors, primarily because Acer uses an entry-level processor instead of one that offers higher clock speeds. If you’re looking for a PC with good productivity capabilities but don’t need 3D or graphics power, then this machine is worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best Acer desktop?

As far as best Acer desktops, I would say the Acer Predator Orion 9000 gaming desktop for gaming customers and the Acer Aspire C24-865 for everyday use. We have a comprehensive article on this topic so take a look.

If you are, however, looking for the best Acer All In One Desktop, I would suggest the Acer Aspire Z 24 AIO Desktop. The Aspire Z 24 AIO offers a great HD touchscreen and a sleek design with a white back that’s perfect for any room in your home. You will get great performance and expandability options that can be added through the use of USB 3.0 connections and a video card.

What’s better an Acer all in one or laptop?

An Acer All In One Desktop is better than a laptop for productivity and multitasking due to it having more RAM and storage space. If you plan on using your PC to mostly communicate with friends and chat, then an AIO may not be for you as laptops are generally smaller and lighter. You’ll also need to use an external display with an all-in-one as they don’t offer touch screens.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to get into gaming, then a laptop will be the better buy as many now come with an AMD Radeon graphics card. On top of that, because laptops weigh less and are smaller in size than an AIO, they’re easier to carry around and use on your lap or as you travel.

Laptops are also better options for users looking to upgrade the internal components of their systems as they are easier to access. All-in-ones have all the necessary ports and connections at the rear, which isn’t always convenient. On top of that, laptops offer more connectivity options than an AIO because they usually come with USB Type-C or Thunderbolt 3 ports for connecting to high-performance external peripherals such as video capture devices or external monitors. What’s more, is laptops typically have dedicated graphics cards so if you want a gaming laptop you should expect even better graphics power than what’s available in an Acer all in one desktop.

What is the newest Acer desktop?

This year (2021), the Acer Aspire TC-895-UA92 Desktop is the newest Acer Desktop yet. The Aspire TC 895 offers a 4K touchscreen display with vivid colors for an immersive experience. It comes out of the box, preloaded with Windows 10 Home 64-Bit OS and offers 6th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card with enhanced VRAM along with 16GB DDR4 2133 MHz memory.

It handles everyday tasks such as web browsing and document creation with ease, making it great for home use. For gamers who like to play in Full HD 1080p resolution or above, the Acer Aspire TC 895-UA92 is a great choice. This desktop offers dependable processing power and excellent graphics performance; all packaged in an attractive design that makes it easy to fit in any room of your house.

Bottom line, the Acer Aspire TC-895-UA92 offers an excellent balance of power and price and is a great all-around PC for home users. For the price, the Acer Aspire TC-895-UA92 is probably the best Acer desktop on the market right now.

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