Acer vs Asus

Acer vs Asus

In the battle of Acer vs ASUS laptops, for most people, they’ll already have their preference over which brand is better. So, I’m going to take a look at both brands and give you my impartial opinion on which is the best of the two.

As far as performance goes, Asus is better than Acer for the following reason; they offer a wider variety of higher-end laptops than Acer. This is because ASUS manufactures several more expensive laptops, but also in the same way, offers quite a few cheaper models that match up to those made by Acer.

Whereas Acer only caters for the middle ground and lower price range of the laptop market; this means that if you are looking for an ultrabook or high-end gaming laptop or high-end gaming desktop with top-notch performance then Asus may be your choice. It should be noted that there are not many people who use these types of computers on a regular basis; so don’t rush out to buy one just yet.

To better answer this question, we’ve broken down this comparison into different subtopics.

Asus Components

Asus laptops have some of the best and high-end components. It has an efficient thermal design for cooling components which ensures that the laptop’s performance is not compromised by overheating.

Their solid-state disks are known to provide faster memory access times than other models, making them more responsive. They also have legendary sound systems along with better screens, ergonomics, and build quality.

Some features include several USB ports, memory card reader slots, and a DVD optical drive as standard in the majority of their computers; plus they offer sharper images with brighter colors/contrast on higher screen resolutions such as 1920 x 1080 pixels.

There is almost no difference when it comes to weight or physical dimensions between Asus and Acer laptops because both manufacturers use very similar chassis designs and technologies across most of their laptops.

Acer Components

Acer components tend to be on the lower end price-wise compared to Asus laptops. This means that Acer has a larger variety of laptop models which cover a wider price range, from high-end gaming to budget laptops.

Their solid-state disks have slower memory access speeds so they’re not as responsive as those made by Asus. As for their sound systems, most don’t have any special design/technology so the speakers won’t give you the same benefits from say, ASUS laptops.

The screens are brighter and display sharper images on lower resolution settings such as 1366 x 768 and Full HD. Finally, weight is also no different between Acer and Asus because both use similar chassis designs and technologies across many of their laptops.


Asus laptops and desktops do boast of a great gamer-centric design, but that applies to the gaming series. In my opinion, though, most of the other Asus designs are a bit more basic rather than stylish. They look more business-like with sharp edges, but not all of them are like that. N/B check out our is Predator a good gaming PC article if you’re into Acer gaming desktops.

For example, the Asus G73JH has an aggressive design which is one of the reasons I chose to purchase it over any other brand/model out there at its time. Let’s also not forget their ROG series laptops which won several awards for having some of the best designs on the market… even if they do scream gaming to everyone within a 5-mile radius 😉

The majority of Acer laptops (and Acer desktops) use very plain black or silver chassis; basically, they’re nothing special to write about in terms of design appeal. The only laptop variation I can think of that’s something different from most standard designs is the Acer Aspire.

Talking about different designs, I’m talking about laptops with a twist – those that have a zipper or flip lid for easy access or some other special feature.

Now, these kinds of designs usually make a laptop stand out from the crowd and give you something to talk about when people ask what brand/model it is; just like how everyone remembers the wacky Dell XPS right? That laptop is still talked about years after its release as one of the most interesting laptops due to its unique look.

We love the Acer Desktops as well. Acer gaming desktops are some of the most sophisticated in the industry in terms of design and gaming performance, which is great. But there are also a bunch of good Acer desktops for home use that also spot your run-to-the-mill modest design look.

Acer vs Asus: Performance

In terms of cost, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a mid or high-end Asus laptop with specs that don’t beat Acer laptops. However, both manufacturers’ components (RAM, storage disks, and graphic cards/screens) can be interchanged on most of their laptops; so buying an Acer component for an Asus laptop won’t be too much of a problem as long as you know what you’re doing.

Acer and Asus laptops both use similar hardware components across several models so there is no clear winner when it comes to performance. The only way I could declare one over the other would depend on the build quality of each product – if it has more power than the other but is made poorly then its usefulness isn’t up to par with what I could need from a laptop, since it’s products are meant to be taken everywhere.

In this section though, there is one major advantage for choosing an Asus laptop over Acer laptops – upgradeability. If you’re looking to expand your digital horizons and push things further then being able to tailor the internals of that device according to your needs comes in really handy.

This can come in very useful if you want better graphic cards/screens so you can play all those games at high settings or more storage space so you don’t have to worry about space problems. In contrast, being locked into a certain configuration for most Acer laptops isn’t as nice because it means having less freedom to adjust according to your needs.

Battery life

Asus laptops have a clear advantage when it comes to battery life.

This is because Acer laptops use standard built-in batteries, whereas Asus laptops use unique designs which allow their batteries to last longer. For example, many of their laptops use a system where you can adjust the performance settings (CPU speed and screen brightness) depending on how long you want your laptop to last; this allows you to choose between saving power or getting more grunt for demanding tasks.

Generally, if battery life is very important to you then I recommend looking at an ASUS laptop because they manage to squeeze quite a bit of juice out of their batteries before dying out completely.

Also, the G73JH I mentioned earlier has over 7 hours without any problem; that’s even on a laptop with a high-end Nvidia 960M GPU.

In contrast, the battery of one Acer laptop of mine died within 3 months after I purchased it – before even finishing my new driver’s license course. This is why I have to have it plugged into power at all times during use or risk being without it when I need to use it most.

Acer laptops

I don’t actually know if their standard batteries are meant to last as short as they do on most Acer models – but there’s no doubt that using an Asus laptop over an Acer one will lead to more freedom and less worrying about having your laptop die on you before you can find a socket (or USB port).

If you’re like me and work in different places most of the time then you’re going to find that an Asus laptop will serve you better when it comes to battery life because they have great optimization settings.

Also, please note that Acer’s latest laptops are supposedly using higher quality hardware so hopefully they won’t have as short a lifespan anymore… but I’m not too confident about this so stay cautious if you want to buy one in the future.

Asus vs Acer warranty service

I’ve used both Acer and Asus laptops in the past, though generally speaking Asus has slightly more reliable hardware than Acer ones in terms of long-term use. However, my friend bought an Acer laptop 2 years ago and is still using it without any problem at all. So how do we settle this issue?

Do you want to know what I think about their warranty service…? Well, Acer offers a standard 1-year warranty which you can upgrade if you don’t like it. However, Asus has a special ‘Numeri Tech’ service where they provide an extra 2 years of warranty and even allow for free repairs during that time – absolutely genius!

This means that if your laptop breaks within those 3 years then Asus will fix or replace it for you without any problem at all for free (excluding shipping and handling).

The only drawback is that the NumeriTech service is only available in some countries; but even so, it’s obviously better than Acer’s one-year warranty because it gives more peace of mind. You can still get Acer to fix or replace your laptop if you like (in case the NumeriTech service isn’t available in your country), but it’s probably better not to waste money on an upgrade when Asus is already doing such a good job without charging you more for it.

Gaming Capabilities

As for gaming capacity, I would say both brands have been well represented.

Asus has a long list of gaming laptops to pick from and it’s no secret that all of their models are among the best in terms of configuration and price.

The Asus ROG Zephyrus model is probably the most well-known; it has a huge display and is high-end features (CPU and GPU) to match. If you’re looking for a truly impressive gaming laptop then this series is one you definitely should consider when making your purchase.

Also, note that Asus laptops come with Nvidia RTXs by default so you don’t need to worry about getting an AMD Radeon laptop instead if you aren’t too familiar with the brand… although I do recommend doing your research before buying because sometimes they can be quite different when it comes to performance, price etcetera.

  • Asus Zephyrus
  • Asus ROG
  • Asus Strix
  • Asus TUF

As for Acer, it also boasts of a few class-leading gaming laptops such as the Acer Predator Helios 500. It also has a remarkable list of Acer gaming desktops in the market right now.

This model sports a 512GB SSD and a powerful i9 processor which is more than impressive when it comes to overall gaming capabilities. This can be considered one of the top-of-the-line laptops in the Acer Predator series, though it’s still not going to hold a candle to Asus’s ROG Zephyrus gaming laptop in my opinion.

The main difference between these two brands when it comes to gaming is that I would say you get better value for money with an Asus laptop because you have access to models such as the ROG Zephyrus which are much more expensive than other brands… but if you want a cheaper option then go for a Helios or another Acer Predator series instead.

Acer vs Asus: Mobility

Let’s start with the thing that both Acer and Asus have in common – portability. Both are relatively lightweight considering their screen sizes so carrying either one of them should be no problem unless you’re planning to carry your laptop for a couple of kilometers or more.

Then there’s the battery life which is something everyone wants; they both provide up to 5 hours (on normal settings) and similar brightness levels thanks to LED backlighting screens.

As far as design is concerned, most laptops from Acer and Asus look like standard black boxes with very little attention-grabbing appeal. The only non-standard feature I can think of would pertain to their different keyboard patterns.


If you’re looking for a laptop that won’t be too much hassle then neither one is a bad choice as they both provide decent hardware components and can perform most tasks/applications with ease.

Also, choosing either of them allows you to save the extra money for other accessories or even buying another laptop altogether since their prices are roughly the same.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that Asus laptops tend to offer better performance than Acer ones because of their upgradeability factors – but this is only if you don’t go out and buy an Alienware/Dell XPS just because its specs overshadow most Asus laptops’ components (which I wouldn’t recommend unless you’ve got more than $2000 laying around).

Acer vs Asus Conclusion

Most Acer and Asus laptops are great for business people who need to take their work with them wherever they go; similarly, students can benefit from either because of their lightweight design since it allows you to fit your laptop inside a backpack/briefcase without having to worry about space.

If what I’ve said before has persuaded you then buying either one won’t be that much of an issue because both manufacturers offer similar hardware components which can be replaced between models (e.g. changing the hard drive on an Acer laptop to one with better specs than what was originally installed).

So if you already own an Acer or Asus laptop then there’s no reason why you should switch to another brand just because someone told you that one laptop is better than the other. Unless you’re just looking for something that’s different and has a slightly different build then it doesn’t hurt to get another brand that’s equally as good.

If you want an Acer laptop, head over here. If you want an Asus laptop, head over here.

Do note that not ALL Asus laptops are upgradable while most Acer laptops are (the fact remains that they don’t all fit the requirement). It’s only fair we give each company their due credit – and Dell also offers upgradeability for their XPS line. However, the Alienware notebooks are unfortunately not upgradable. If you’re interested in desktops, we’ve also covered the Are Acer Desktops good question that most people might ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

Asus vs Acer – Brand Reputation

The two companies that produce quality laptops are Asus and Acer; they both have great customer service and offer cases/support if needed (especially during warranty).

Also, I wouldn’t recommend getting an HP (Hewlett-Packard) laptop because it’s been found out that they have faulty batteries that can potentially catch fire.

I recommend these laptops because I’ve used them personally and they are both solidly built with great tech specs overall. And remember, buying a laptop is like getting married – you should only go for the best! Also, you might want to check out our Asus G73 Review.

Acer vs Asus – Which Brand Offers Better Deals?

That would be Acer mainly because of their frequent deals/promotions on some products. However, both companies don’t usually offer any discounts or coupons on some of their models although there are sometimes exceptions to the rule (e.g. Black Friday).

So far as price goes then it’s pretty much neck-to-neck but depending on which one offers a better deal.

Acer vs Asus – Which Brand Offers Better Technical Support?

The truth is, both Asus and Acer offer equal technical support for their users and there’s not much of an edge to say that one outshines the other. It just comes down to how willing you are in dealing with technical issues because sometimes customer service can be frustrating (e.g. they don’t know what they’re doing).

But as long as you can prove yourself as a reasonable person then there should be no problem getting your issue resolved – whether it’s hardware or software-related.

Acer vs Asus – Which Brand Offers Better Customer Service?

I would give this one to Acer since I’ve had more experiences with them rather than with Asus. I’ve had friends who have both Acer and Asus laptops that were in need of repair/service because the cord was either faulty or there were some other problems that needed to be fixed.

And when they took it to their respective service centers, Acer’s technicians are much more helpful in suggesting ways on how the computers should be handled – for instance, letting you know when your laptop is overheating so you can take immediate action if necessary.

There are times where I’ve called up Acer asking questions about my products (e.g. warranty) and they’re always very friendly in explaining things to me without making me feel stupid in any way. They’re also easy to deal with when it comes to sending defective parts back for replacement.

Lastly, Acer has a great service center but trying to get your hands on their technicians can be challenging because the centers are usually packed with people even during non-peak hours. I’ve also tried calling up Asus customer support before and their reps are just as helpful in answering my questions.

However, they don’t have much of an idea when it comes to explaining warranty policies which is quite regrettable considering that warranties are one of the primary reasons why most customers decide to stick with a particular brand, or at least take into consideration.

Acer vs Asus – Which Brand Offers Better Hardware?

This one goes out to both Acer and Asus since they’re equally matched (although there’s an edge for Asus on some products). It’s all up to you, however, on what kind of brand you would like to support.

They’re both solid brands though and they offer quality products especially when it comes to laptops (which is their main area of expertise).

Acer vs Asus – Which Brand Offers Better Laptops?

This one goes out to Asus mainly because of the build quality of their laptops. Acer laptops are great as well but I’ve had buddies who have experienced defective components after a year or two which is a common case for cheaper grade laptops.

Meanwhile, my friend has an Asus laptop that’s been running strong for over 4 years now. So in terms of durability, I give this edge to Asus although both companies make reliable products overall.

In conclusion, Acer vs Asus is basically a face-off between two solid laptop brands that are both offering competitive prices and services. It comes down to how much you’re willing to spend (considering the price range of their products) and what kind of features you’d like your laptop to have.

Both companies can provide top-quality laptops depending on your requirements which really makes the choice more complicated than one would think, especially if you’re not sure about certain details regarding services or hardware specifications.

Fortunately for us (the customers), most manufacturers these days offer various levels of service packages ranging from beginner all the way up to advanced.

This gives users options when choosing what’s best for them since there will be bound to be some issues now and then – unless you’re one of those fortunate few who have never experienced any problems whatsoever.

Which is better Acer or ASUS or HP?

Out of the 3, I would Acer’s laptops have a tendency to break quickly and ASUS is known for its build quality. HP is the best out of 3 if you’re looking for a budget laptop, but it isn’t as good as the other 2 on this list. It has a pretty simple design and is best used as a computer for work or school.

So which brand of laptop should you buy?

It depends on what you’re looking for in a laptop as to which one will be the best choice for you, but generally speaking, Acer laptops lack durability and Asus laptops are better built (and faster). HP would be the cheapest at around $500. Overall, it’s up to personal preference though since we all have different needs and budgets when choosing a laptop.

Is Acer the worst laptop?

Acer is definitely not the worst laptop brand out there, but going by specifications and performance alone it certainly isn’t the best laptop brand either.

Compared to other brands like Asus, Fujitsu, and Toshiba, Acer is way better than it used to be, but still has a long way to go. Other brands like Dell and Asus are better laptops than Acer, but these laptops are also more expensive.

If you want a good all-around laptop and do not mind paying a premium price (around $1000) for it then I recommend Asus over any other brand. If on the other hand, you want to buy a cheaper laptop that is still pretty powerful and can easily handle tasks like surfing the internet and word processing then Acer maybe your best option.

There are plenty of other brands that have better laptops than Acer though, so don’t just take my word for it! Look into Toshiba, Dell, HP, MSI all offer great laptops under $500.

Overall, I would say it really depends on what you want from your laptop. So, take a look at the different models and go with the one that suits your needs best.

Don’t forget to look at our industry list here.


  • Victor is a tech writer and blogger for GetThatPC. A writer and SEO consultant of popular tech sites such as Computer Shopper. He loves sharing his thoughts with the world through his blogs and it has always been his dream to write in print, too. When he is not busy blogging, he takes time out to enjoy the company of friends or play video games on PC. As a hardware analyst, Victor tests and reviews laptops, peripherals, and much more at GetThatPC. He previously covered the consumer tech beat at and has done consulting work for some of the biggest names in the industry. Victor R was recognized by TopSEOs as one of the Top 30 People in Digital Marketing, 2017.

Victor R

Victor R

Victor is a tech writer and blogger for GetThatPC. A writer and SEO consultant of popular tech sites such as Computer Shopper. He loves sharing his thoughts with the world through his blogs and it has always been his dream to write in print, too. When he is not busy blogging, he takes time out to enjoy the company of friends or play video games on PC. As a hardware analyst, Victor tests and reviews laptops, peripherals, and much more at GetThatPC. He previously covered the consumer tech beat at and has done consulting work for some of the biggest names in the industry. Victor R was recognized by TopSEOs as one of the Top 30 People in Digital Marketing, 2017.

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