Why Is Having A Facebook Shop For Your Business A Good Idea? 

Facebook released a new feature, “Facebook Shops,” to make existing Facebook page shops more shoppable. Facebook is also working with builders like Shopify to give businesses extra support. Currently, both Facebook and Shopify aim to create a tailored shopping experience for users. 

Facebook Shops gives businesses a storefront so they can customize it to their liking and make it look more like their own sites. With Facebook Shops, customers can check out everything they need directly without being redirected to the business’ website. 

The benefits of having a Facebook Shop: 

1. It Is Free And Easy

Facebook Shops setup is easy, simple, fast, and, most importantly, free. They are available for competent businesses in all countries. Businesses can either import existing product collections from their e-commerce site or use Commerce Manager to create product collections through. 

Once the shop’s layout is done and fully customized, it will be ready for publishing. In addition, Facebook Stores offer a great shopping experience; they can display the business’ products on all screen sizes, whether mobile phones, tablets, or laptops.

2. It Offers A Wide Reach To Potential Customers

Facebook has over 2.6 billion active monthly users, and it is where a lot of worldly conversations and interactions take place. As a result, there is no other place where e-commerce can have such a consistently wide reach. 

So, instead of trying to find a way to drive billions of people to the brand’s website, bringing the website to them is a very bright idea. Actually, most people are now so used to seeing product recommendations and ads as they scroll.

And many people purchase products they would never have considered buying if they did not see their ads on Facebook. Facebook Shop gives exposure to brands and products and interests people in buying. 

Facebook Shops also allows customers to contact business platforms directly to ask about product specifics or track information. This feature helps build trust between

the brand and the customer and encourages customers to place orders in Shops confidently. 

3. It Offers An Easy Onboarding Process

Retailers and shop owners can create product catalogs within the Facebook Shop platform. They can customize their shops’ look and feel to keep their brands’ consistency. 

Businesses can also merge their catalogs into Facebook if they already exist elsewhere. If they choose to process sales through their existing platform, Facebook will waive the transaction fee. 

If the business uses Facebook’s Checkout feature because it does not have an existing catalog, it will pay a 5% fee for processing. This processing fee is lower than what other sites like Amazon and eBay charge. 

4. People Can Easily Purchase Without Leaving The Platform

The most important thing in online shopping is convenience. When the e-commerce platform used by a business complicates the shopping process by demanding too many steps to be taken, customers will feel frustrated and stop the purchase.

In Facebook Shops, customers can simply purchase without leaving the platform. That, of course, means fewer steps for them, which will lead to higher sales for the business. 

On Facebook, there surely is a lot of noise because there are so many people using the platform. That is why brands must maintain consistency and create Facebook ads and product listings that are clear and visually entertaining. If not, the business will get lost in the crowd. 

5. It Has A Simple Shipping Process

If businesses choose to offer the option of checking out directly from the app, Shops will allow them to use any shipping service of their preference; on the one condition that it offers tracking and delivery confirmation. 

Details like the handling time of the shipment, shipping price, speed, and destination are customizable by the business; they can be edited under the business’ Shipping Profile in Commerce Manager.

To Conclude

What Facebook Shops provide is a new, easy, and simplified way of online buying and selling interactions between customers and business owners. They also provide a quick and effective way for customers to inquire about products they might be interested in. They allow the business to access a much wider audience base. 

The Shops provide many features for personalizing the shopping process and effectively cataloging all volumes of stock-keeping units. They are meant to help the customers go through the experience that feels native to each of them, especially with features like real-time conversations. 

Let us not forget the enormous global reach that Facebook has; it will be at businesses’ disposal the minute they set up their Shops.

Harold Anderson
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