What Is VC In Gaming?

Have you ever heard professional gamers talking about VC and asked yourself, “What is VC in gaming?”. While VC is quite a common term in gaming, it might sound like an odd abbreviation to newcomers. 

VC is an acronym used for voice channels in the gaming world. This term is quite popular amongst both pro and hobby gamers. These channels offer a slightly new approach to the gaming world. Here the gamers can connect and talk to fellow players while enjoying the game. This connects the community, allowing them to share their tactics and strategies.

This article will discuss what VC in gaming means and why it enhances a gamer’s experience.

What Is VC In Gaming?

Voice channels have started playing an important role in online multiplayer games. These channels use voice-over IP technologies to connect two or more users while playing. The technology was launched in the late 20th century. Nowadays, almost all multiplayer games include voice channels for gamers to build a community. 

With multiplayer gaming becoming an integral part of the new digital world, voice channels offering real-time communication matter more than ever. Voice chats have always been a part of the multiplayer gaming world. Before the inception of VoIP channels, gamers used to play over the data connection and communicate using an analog phone line. 

In 1995 a few games started integrating VoIP technology directly into their games. In the next few years, Microsoft introduced voice channels into their gaming system, Xbox. Today gamers have different options to connect while playing online multiplayer games. You can use the integrated VoIP system built into the game or a separate program.

Why In-Game VC Matters In Gaming?

In-game voice channels enhance the gaming experience of players. They find the calls much more enjoyable and add to the in-game effectiveness when playing as a squad. These channels eliminate the need to type in a message. It lets you keep your hands on the keyboard and mouse without distractions. 

These voice channels also add the element of humanity to your gaming experience. Players can distinguish between AI characters, making the gaming world more immersive. Enabling voice channels is beneficial for game developers as well. They have identified the human need for communication and integrated it, making the games more engaging. 

However, voice channels aren’t always desirable. There is a possibility that you may not achieve a satisfactory experience while communicating in real time. Playing games with background noise and voice may break your fantasy gaming experience. When players aren’t disciplined, they may talk over each other and restrain you from enjoying your game.


With developers building their metaverse for a more immersive gaming experience, voice channels or VC are pretty helpful. They let you experience the game along with other players. When used appropriately, these voice channels can enhance your experience. 

Gamers have the option to use voice channels that are integrated into the games through VoIP technology. However, if you prefer a better on-call experience, you can connect with third-party applications like Discord. These applications offer you an immersive gaming experience with players of your choice.

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