What Is MMR In Gaming?

Are you new to gaming and asking, “What is MMR in gaming?”. While the term seems familiar to pro gamers, it can be new to anyone outside the gaming world. 

MMR is an acronym for match making rating in the gaming world. The term is usually used by gamers who actively participate in multiplayer championships. This rating is a discrete number used to rank your abilities in a game. It’s then used to place you against other players. The MMR goes up every time you win a match and goes down when you lose.

In this article, we’ll discuss what MMR means in the game and how it’s determined in championships.

What is MMR In Gaming?

MMR is quite a popular word in gaming championships. This abbreviation is widely known among avid gamers and e-sports participants. This abbreviation stands for match making ratings. These rankings are discrete values that assess and determine a player’s skill level.

Match Making Ratings are created by championships to allow players to compete fairly against each other. They pit opponents with roughly the same skill level against each other. 

Even though it’s a discrete ranking, it follows a basic rule. Your match making rating goes up every time you win a match. On the other hand, the ranking goes down when you lose the match against your opponent. 

This match making rating is usually displayed by the software in the form of ranks. For example, in Battle Royale games, there are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster ranks. Each rank indicates a different skill level. If the MMR system is used properly, these games can become more accessible to the public.

How Is MMR Determined?

Different game developers and systems have a unique way of determining the rankings for their players.

However, they follow a similar pattern. A few placement matches determine the initial rankings that a hobby gamer plays. Here are a few ways through which Match Making Ratings are determined.

1. Competitive Placement Matches

When you enter a competitive match, your match making ratings are a public value that everyone can see. Initially, you do not hold a rank and play random placement matches. Your ranking would differ depending on whether you win or lose these matches. These rankings help the organizers determine the best place in the game’s competitive ecosystem. 

When you win the first placement match, you’ll be placed against a tougher opponent, typically someone who also won their match. You will be placed against an easier opponent if you lose the match. These rankings also depend on other factors like win and loss ratio.

2. Climbing The Ladder

After the first few placement matches, you will get your initial Match Making Rating. Now you must play the matches to maintain your ranking or climb the ladder. Your ranking will stay the same when you win and lose an equal number of games. 

However, when you win several games in a row, you’ll find yourself climbing up the ladder, and your ranking will improve. The opposite of this happens each time you lose a game.


Analyzing a gamer’s skills and levels are pretty important for organizers when gamers enter a tournament. These are analyzed in the form of match making ratings. These rankings help the system place gamers against opponents of the same skill level. This keeps the game fair and interesting.

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