What Is G Shift?

Those with a Logitech gaming mouse may have heard about G Shift and wondered: What is G Shift? The Logitech G Shift feature is critical for advanced customizing and professional gaming. Although the G Shift feature offers several benefits, few people know it. So, what is it?

With G Shift, you can use your mouse to activate keyboard keys and macros. Most of Logitech’s gaming mice come with this feature. It will help you use the mouse to perform keyboard commands and macros, which is more efficient. As a result, you can free up the keys typically used for macros on your keyboard.

What Is G Shift?

The G Shift function enables the most convenient and convenient use of a Logitech mouse. You can allow G Shift by assigning a G Shift key to a button on your keyboard or mouse. 

When you press this modifier, you can use the keys or macros assigned to the mouse buttons. G Shift changes only mouse buttons, but it is possible to position a modifier key either on the keyboard or the mouse, giving it greater flexibility. 

It adds an added button to your mouse by changing its function through a modifier key so that you can execute keyboard commands directly from the mouse. 

For example, think about pressing ALT + SHIFT + F often, which requires significant effort. If you want access to this combination more easily, configure the Mouse 4 button with G Shift. 

By pressing both the G Shift key and Mouse 4 simultaneously, the combination ALT + SHIFT + F will appear. Therefore, the G shift works best when you work with one hand on the keyboard and another on the mouse. 

When you have only one hand on the keyboard, you cannot make the most of the keyboard, which is why switching some work to the mouse makes a huge difference.

What Are The Steps For Configuring G Shift?

Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, Logitech’s software makes it easy to configure G Shift. You can only access the G Shift interface by installing the Logitech G Hub on your computer. 

Therefore, you should begin by installing the Logitech G Hub. Follow these steps to set up G Shift.

  • To begin, click the window with your mouse.
  • From the menu, choose Assignments ([+]).
  • Under Assignments, click “System.”
  • You should now be able to move the G Shift element to a button on your mouse. You can now use this button for the G Shift modifier.
  • You need to move the slider. As long as this slider is active, all mouse key changes you make will affect G Shift.
  • Select the commands you wish to bind on the left side and drag them onto the desired mouse buttons.

Benefits Of Using G Shift Feature

There is no doubt that G Shift is the most preferred option for the Logitech mouse. The correct gaming mouse settings like G Shift are essential for pro gamers who enjoy customizing their mice for competitive gaming. 

Gamers often customize their gaming mice to suit their comfort and preferences, which is possible with G Shift. Various tasks like changing between weapons and loading ammo in first-person shooters become more accessible and convenient using the G Shift. 

Users’ ability to customize G shift gives them an edge over other gamers, which is essential during competitive play. Additionally, G Shift removes unnecessary mouse button configurations and allows users to override them using the priority functionality.


The G Shift feature is undoubtedly one of the most flexible mouse features you might have seen to date. It makes computer usage even more enjoyable.

It is possible to transfer some of the keyboard’s capabilities to the mouse by doubling the number of buttons, which is especially useful when holding the mouse with one hand.

It will benefit those who frequently type complex combinations of keys since typing them with just one hand can become quite stressful. So, if you own a Logitech gaming mouse, you should try the G Shift feature.

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