What Is DPS In Gaming?

Have you ever heard about DPS in gaming? With new games and characters launching every week, many terms might not make sense to you. This is especially when you are new to the gaming world.

DPS is an acronym used for Damage Per Second in the gaming industry. This acronym is widely used, especially with the recent popularity of multiplayer games. DPS in gaming refers to the amount of damage a character can wreak in a single second. This helps gamers to identify the most efficient way to conquer a quest or a level.

This article will analyze what DPS is in gaming and how you can improve it. 

What Is DPS In Gaming?

DPS is quite an essential term in the gaming world. It is useful when trying to beat certain characters or conquer a quest. DPS stands for Damage Per Second. DPS defines how much damage a weapon or character can inflict in a second. The term is more popularly used in multiplayer games like Call of Duty

You might have discovered this term while figuring out the best weapon for your character. A faster DPS means the bullets fly out faster from your chosen gun. On the other hand, a lower DPS means that your gun won’t be able to shoot much faster. You can choose a gun depending on your mission or level. 

DPS can also be a combination of the number of attacks in a second and the amount of damage each generates. The term was first coined during the popularity of MMOs, especially in the World of Warcraft. It is now a very popular term in the gaming world.

What Is A DPS Character?

Simply put, a DPS character’s primary objective in the game is to cause damage. These characters are usually used for offense or defense purposes. While analyzing the DPS of a character, you need to figure out how much stamina they use in an attack. This can be important in analyzing the total damage and how many hits a character can get in. 

Some hobby gamers argue the fact that all heroes are DPS characters. However, that distinction is not always true. While DPS characters can be heroes, not all heroes are DPS characters. This is because the protagonist has much more to offer in a game than inflicting damage.

How Do You Improve Your DPS In Gaming?

If you want to improve DPS in gaming, you will need to consider various factors. You must consider all the skills that will increase your character’s damage output. 

Most gamers just consider the critical chance increase while analyzing their gaming DPS. Attack speed is another factor that should be considered while analyzing the DPS. Sometimes, a character can have a low attack speed with higher stamina, thus increasing the damage per second.


With new games and characters being launched every week, it might get a little overwhelming for you to stay updated. DPS in gaming is quite an essential term that can help you conquer your quests and beat your competitors. When you’re new to the game, the DPS and the damage output help value your gear and understand your threat.

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