What Is ADS In Gaming?

If you love playing first-person shooting games, you might have heard about ADS and wondered: What is ADS in gaming? You may come across various terms if you are a frequent gamer. ADS is one of the most commonly used terms in gaming. But what does it mean?

“Additional Enemies” and “Aim Down Sights” are two of the most commonly used meanings of “ADS”. Another is “Aim down sights,” frequently used by first-person shooting gamers. This, of course, refers to aiming a weapon toward a distant enemy from a first-person perspective.

What Is ADS In Gaming?

ADS has a few distinct meanings: “Additional Enemies” and “Aiming Down Sights” are two main ones. First-person shooters also often use ADS as “aim down sights.” 

It means aiming at distant enemies with a weapon in a first-person perspective. In some cases, this is called hard-scoping, but it mainly refers to using a long-range optic. 

ADS sensitivity varies from game to game. If you need to move fast, you can change the sensitivity to your comfort level.

It depends on your default mouse settings and the sensitivity of the game. Most players have one default mouse setting and then change the sensitivity for each game they play.

Benefits Of ADS In Gaming

It is possible to adjust the mouse’s sensitivity in each game using ADS. In addition, different types of scopes now have the option to change the ADS sensitivity.

Sniping long-range players are the most common use of ADS. You can also pinpoint enemy locations before they surprise you and prepare accordingly.

Sniping out long-distance opponents and hitting accurate shots at mid-range players is the best use of ADS. When you are close to an enemy, never use ADS. Players benefit significantly from the added accuracy.

However, the game also reduces your speed to counteract this. The ADS will be a massive disadvantage during close combat, where you must move fast, or you might get shot.

ADS settings are essential for games played with a keyboard and mouse. The crosshair will move completely if your mouse sensitivity is high. 

Moreover, if the shot comes from a different angle, it may be difficult to react quickly enough. Try it out on the bots at the Practice Range to find the perfect settings for you. Please see the best settings for you by adjusting and experimenting with them.


Non-gamers might think that ADS refers to the daily advertisements they see on social media and other digital media. But that’s not true.

In FPS games, ADS stands for “aim down sights.” When switching to first-person view more accurately, a player uses sight enemies in sight mode. Call of Duty and similar games use this term. 

“An additional enemy” in a raid is another meaning of ADS. In FPS games, this term has changed its meaning since 1999.

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