What Does WP Mean In Gaming? 

Would you like to know what WP means in gaming? There are different ways to define WP terms. It is the reason why gamers always want to know what the correct meaning of WP is in the context of gaming. What does that mean?

The most common use of WP is to congratulate someone by saying “Well-Played” after a game in which the person has played well. A hashtag commonly precedes WP (e.g., #WP). Gaming typically ends with WP to congratulate other players for their efforts. 

What Does WP Mean In Gaming?

WP primarily refers to congratulating someone who has played well by saying “Well-Played.” In gaming, WP isn’t just a greeting. In addition to these meanings, you can also use WP in other contexts. 

In some games, WP refers to them as “War Points” or “Weak Pass.” You receive points when you play online games that simulate war or military operations. Such points are known as war points.

In contrast, if you add weak passwords that are easy to guess for a computer or a human, computers will often ask you to change them. It will represent a weak pass.

Also, Games and navigation apps often use WP as a waypoint. Accordingly, a waypoint is where a route passes through. In addition to providing navigational information, a WP can also be a POI (Point of Interest).

Uncommonly, WP may also stand for Wrong Person. Two players commonly miscommunicate, one sending a message that a player did not intend for the other.

How Does WP Combine With Other Acronyms?

Players frequently denote a well-played match by “WP” in computer gaming. Players use it often in conjunction with another acronym, GG.

GGWP, an acronym for Good Game, Well Played, is formed by combining GG WP and GGWP. Rarely, GG also refers to a great game.

It is a verbal way of displaying sportsmanship while playing video games. You use WP in various contexts, whether a team is winning or losing.

In addition to displaying sportsmanship, WP uses other meanings in various contexts. The following are examples of different contexts in which a player uses WP:

  • When one player outperforms another.
  • When a player demonstrates exceptional skill or ability.
  • An experience that a player has with another positive player.


Computer gaming players and teams often use WP as a slang term to congratulate each other. The combination of WP and GG can be called GGWP, which stands for a good game, well played. 

GGWP is a quick way of congratulating another player on playing well in a multiplayer game, usually stated by the loser after the game. 

The meaning of GG is the same, and on the surface, everyone will tell you it means “good game.” The abbreviation GGWP Good Game, Well Played often includes WP as part of its acronym.

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