What Does Sweat Mean In Gaming?

What does Sweat mean in gaming? New gaming slang emerges more frequently than ever as the gaming industry evolves. BOTs and NPCs, for example, are relatively simple terms in the gaming industry. The Sweat or Sweaty gamer is a prime example of slang relating to gaming.

In recent years, the Sweat slang has become popular among gamers. But what does it mean? Sweat is a term that is quite common in the world of gaming. Sweat term indicates a sign of nervousness or intense concentration. It means that you’re trying harder than you should and taking things more seriously than is “normal” during your gameplay.

What Does Sweat Mean In Gaming?

In most cases, Sweat or Sweaty refers to trying hard. A Sweaty gamer puts too much effort into winning a game, even when it’s unnecessary. 

Also, this game is a game that requires a lot of sweat to play. No matter how difficult the challenge is, a sweaty gamer puts in the extra effort required to win. 

In addition to sweat, the game also involves a high level of physical exertion. As a result of the harsh language used by the competitors, it is not uncommon for sweat-slicked slang to be misunderstood and misinterpreted.

What Is The Origin Of Sweat?

EA sports’ FIFA community first introduced the Sweat term back in 2014. Players who abuse the game’s mechanics can score easy goals using the term ‘Sweaty goal.’ 

In response to that incident, one user circulated the word ‘sweaty goal’ definition. “Is your Fortnite game SWEATY?” was uploaded in October 2018 by YouTube channel Chaos. 

A test is given as part of the video to determine whether someone qualifies as a ‘SWEATY’ within Fortnite using a series of questions.

This video has been viewed and liked by more than 1 million people. The term ‘SWEATY’ has become widely used after this goes viral.

Many Fortnite streamers use “sweat” to describe players who use complicated strategies to defeat opponents despite not having to. 

Then there are the players who focus too much on showing off their skills when fighting casual or novice players who can barely build one-by-one structures. 

As long as the message that they’re perfect and mechanically skilled gets across, they don’t care. When a player sweats after a fight, it means they were probably trying so hard to make a flashy play that they melted.


After reading this article, you can now tell the difference between a sweaty and casual gamer. Aside from that, if you strive hard to beat a less worthy opponent, you already know what people will say about you.

Using this slang correctly makes you stand out from a beginner and become a pro-level gamer.

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