What Does POG Mean In Gaming?

If you’ve seen the term “POG” while watching Twitch streams, you may have wondered: What does POG mean in gaming? You might see people commenting on POG on streaming sites like Twitch and YouTube. It is common to see POG terms in games such as Overwatch and League of Legends. But what does it mean?

“POG” has become a popular slang term since the release of the PogChamp emoticon in 2012. The term “POG” means “Cool” in essence. Additionally, “POG” can also refer to a surprise expression. This term may also mean “play of the game” in gaming.

What Does POG Mean In Gaming?

PogChamp emoticons were released in 2012, and since then, the word “POG” has gained popularity as a slang word for “great,” “cool,” and “fantastic.” 

Essentially, “POG” is an exclamation that means “Cool.” Furthermore, “POG” can describe the expression of surprise. Before the rise of the internet and video games, “POG” consisted of cardboard circles used by youngsters in the early 2000s.

However, “POG” now refers to “play of the game” in gaming. It is also possible to combine “POG” with “champ” to make “PogChamp.” 

In other words, this also serves as an acronym for “play of game champion.” It refers to a player who did exceptionally well during a match and qualifies as the most proficient player. 

These terms frequently appear in games such as Overwatch. The term may also appear on streaming services like Twitch.

What Is The Origin Of POG?

POG is a slang term derived from PogChamp emoticons representing thumbnail-sized pictures displayed on Twitch

PogChamp represents Ryan “Gootecks,” an aspiring YouTuber who owns a “Cross Counter TV.” Gutierrez’s and his co-host’s blooper reel appeared on the channel in 2010. 

After the camera moves a little out of place in one clip, Gutierrez looks surprised, glancing at his co-host. Using a close-up of Gutierrez’s face, an emoticon appeared to represent this expression on Twitch in 2012. 

As a result, it gained the name “PogChamp,” which refers to Gutierrez’s victory in the 2011 video “POG Championship.” During Twitch gaming live streams, PogChamp became a synonym for “cool” game moments resulting in the term “POG.”


With growing popularity across the Twitch platform, the term “POG” has become a symbol of optimism and fun. 

In recent years, the terms’ means have been adjusted so that the values they represent do not change. Though POG means “play of the game” in gaming, it can also have other meanings. 

In military settings, POG can refer to someone other than a grunt. Since grunts are soldiers on the front line performing dangerous or combative duties, a POG provides support to them without fighting.

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