What Does OG Mean in Gaming?

If you frequently play Fortnite, you might have come across the term OG and wondered: What does OG mean in gaming? Various terms exist in the gaming industry, and OG is one of them. If you’ve never heard of this term, you might want to know what it means. So, what does it mean?

OG is a term that frequently appears in Fortnite. The term refers to the “Original Gangster.” Players with more than a year of experience refer to as OGs. An OG is an exceptional, authentic, or old school.

What Does OG Mean In Gaming?

There is a lot of use of the term “OG” in the game Fortnite. It stands for “Original Gangster.” OGs are highly skilled players who have been playing the game for a long time. 

The player must have unrivaled skills and years of gaming experience to be called an “OG.” A glider available in Fortnite is known as “The OG.” 

It refers to the design given to new players when they boot up the game for the first time. People often refer to something as OG if it is how they first experienced it.

Perhaps you have heard the term “OG” in songs, rap, movies, and TV shows. OG has several alternative meanings. 

OG refers to an original gamer; an original gamer is a person who was the first to play the game. Sometimes, the OG term refers to old school, but it is less common now.

What Is The Origin Of OG?

AAVE is the origin of OG. Crips gang members who self-identified as OGs, or the first gangsters to emerge, coined the phrase in the 1970s. 

People with a deep commitment to a gang would use this term in the future. Younger members often call older members OGs. As a result of the gang culture’s influence on hip-hop, the term includes a lot of words and ideas from gang culture as well. 

Rap lyrics used this phrase frequently in the 1980s and 1990s, including Ice-T’s song “Original Gangster,” which went to number one on the Billboard chart.

Internet users eventually found it. With platforms like Twitter and TikTok, OG has exploded in popularity since the late 2010s. Thus, you’ll often find memes referencing inside jokes that only people with a particular set of experiences will get.


Younger players tend to use a lot of slang in the Fortnite community. OG is a common saying, with even Epic Games joining in. 

‘The OG’ is also the name of a new Fortnite glider, and the appearance gives away the abbreviation’s meaning. Players need to have played for a long time to understand the significance.

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