Super People – Things I Wish I Knew As A New Player

The Battle Royale Super People Game may be too daunting for beginner players to learn. Certain aspects of the game may take some time before you get the hang of them.

The game Super People is not overly challenging or complex, as you might expect. Even new players can perform well.

Knowing things about a game beforehand can come at the expense of spoiled fun. 

However, picking up a few suggestions for super people, novices, and new gamers never hurts.

Things To Know As A New Player I n Super People

Maybe you’d find yourself regret not knowing most of these things earlier. So, here are the things that I wish I knew as a new player in Super People.

1. The Super People Keybinds

Checking keybinds is the least complicated and wise action for Super People For Beginner Players.

You would be scrambling to discover which key controls what but won’t be able to find the right button in time if you weren’t familiarized with all the keybinds.

There are ways you can customize the keybindings to fit best our style of playing. Don’t forget about the key combinations!

2. Orb Island Topography

Super People Beginner gamers make the most common mistakes when they arrive underprepared at an unknown location.

The best method is to familiarize yourself with the map’s geography, but quick hot dropping makes this less optimal.

One of the best Super People Tips is always making hot drops in places that are a little isolated so that you have a cover.

Therefore, if you cannot find enough loot, you can hide while maintaining your position or flee from the threat of attack. 

Knowing where your enemies are is very hard to track unless you have a Super People esp cheat.

3. Important Super People Loot Items

It will take some time to identify all of the various Super People prize items. 

But with practice, you’ll be able to rapidly find the item you require and gather it to make the equipment or weapon you need. 

From around the map, gamers can discover objects such as Super People gold, Super People capsules, Super People medications, and Med Kits.

I advise you to craft your items occasionally, if at all possible. It’s because unlocking Super People skills and crafting are both essential components of the action.

Higher equipment can naturally absorb more impact and provide improved weapon stability, among other benefits.

4. Survive to Level Up

Super People is one of the rare BR games that offer its participants a survivability bonus.

The Super People Soldier can level up more quickly, which contributes to unlocking all of their abilities.

Consequently, a Soldier with a higher level will be more potent than a lower level in terms of mobility and perk cooldown. It could hasten your level-up process.

Consuming Super People Capsules and Energy Bars is another Super People Tip that helps players level up quickly.

5. Consuming Energy Bars And Super Capsules Is Vital

You can level up your soldier’s perk benefits with the help of Super People capsules, and players can unlock their ultimate ability with Gold pills.

The capsules fill up your ability bars in one go rather than the game’s usual design of leveling up slowly during the game.

Meanwhile, the Super People Energy Bars can provide your soldier with mobility, defense, or attack boost. Conserve the bars for emergencies and eat the former as much as you can.

6. You Can’t Play Without Crafting Items

You’re just trying your luck if you think you can get by plundering other Super People warriors and winning the battle.

The gameplay is primarily made to encourage players to craft their tools and gear. Without it, the chances of surviving to the finish are slim.

Always collect materials to enhance your equipment and weapons to avoid being lured.


It may be challenging for most Super People Beginners to make it to the top 10 survivors, but that’s all part of the learning process. 

You will get better at fighting in or avoiding conflict and demanding situations the more you practice playing the game. So keep these simple suggestions in mind and use them in your games whenever and wherever you can.

Harold Anderson
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