No Compromise Gaming Review

Have you ever wanted to own a gaming computer but were stifled by its costly prices? No Compromise Gaming declares that they can allow you to go home with a complete gaming computer at little cost.

Established in 2012, No Compromise Gaming is a company that believes that owning a gaming computer system should be easy. To make every customer’s dream a reality, this company offers bi-weekly or monthly payment plants on their computers. As such, customers can take these computer systems home and then pay them back monthly or bi-weekly.

No Compromise Gaming comes in handy when you need a new computer for your game room. But are they a legit service? And should you consider renting instead of buying? We will cover all these and more in our No Compromise Gaming Review.

We’ll also elaborate on what makes this company different from other companies like it. You can use this review to determine if this company is right for you.

What is No Compromise Gaming?

No Compromise Gaming believes that everyone should be able to own their dream computer rigs, even individuals with bad credit scores. This company uses a Rent-To-Own system to allow customers to purchase the rig of their dreams. 

Rent-To-Own allows an individual to pick a computer, laptop, or gaming accessory with only a small payment. Based on the stipulated payment method, customers can complete the payment for the purchased goods in installments.

Contrary to what you might think, Rent-To-Own supersedes traditional payment methods. Individuals with bad credit scores can use it, offering various payment plans, unlike credit purchased. Unlike layaways, it also allows customers to take their devices home immediately.

Alongside paying through installments for a device, No Compromise Gaming allows leasing. This means that customers can own a product for the short term and return it after that. 

Pros and Cons of No Compromise Gaming

No Compromise Gaming makes it easy for people who can’t afford a decent rig to get their hands on one. However, is No Compromise Gaming’s offer so good? Are there any hidden clauses that customers are unaware of? 


Flexible Payment Options are Available

One of the reasons which No Compromise Gaming is a good option is because of its payment options. There are lots of them to choose from, such as:

  • Two payments in a month
  • One payment in a month
  • One payment every two weeks

Straightforward Online Application

No Compromise Gaming avows that its customers can complete their applications online and get approved in minutes. So, you don’t have to complete an application today and wait a few days to receive an answer. 

The beauty of the No Compromise Gaming application is that it approves even those with bad credit scores. So, even if you’re behind on your loans, you can apply regardless. 

No Compromise Gaming is BBB Accredited

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has reviewed and accredited No Compromise Gaming. This accreditation proves that the company puts customer satisfaction first. It also shows that the company respects its clients and treats them fairly.

The BBB is an independent organization that works to improve businesses’ reputations. It does this by reviewing complaints and giving businesses feedback.

In addition, the BBB offers consumers tips to help them make better purchasing decisions.

Refund Policy

No Compromise Gaming offers a 15-day refund policy for their products. Hence, customers get 15 days from purchasing the item to test that product. If unsatisfied with the product, they can return it within that period and receive a full refund. 

Technical Support

No Compromise Gaming advises customers to contact technical staff at the first sign of trouble. This company affirms that its team is always available during business hours and has the technical experience to handle any issues. They can also walk customers through troubleshooting steps to clear most of these issues.

If the issue requires experienced hands, No Compromise Gaming can arrange a repair service. Products still under lease can be shipped to the repairer and back for free.


Total Costs are Astronomical

The only caveat that many customers have noticed about No Compromise Gaming is the total cost of their products. Although they can help you drag out the costs of a gaming rig over five months, you will pay way more. Not as bad as two times the price, but still, a lot more.

A customer could end up paying $1500 for a gaming laptop that costs $900. Some gamers see this as a cost they can live with, while others see it as exploitation.

How Does No Compromise Gaming Work?

No Compromise Gaming prides itself on providing a straightforward application process. The company offers flexible terms to get the best deal possible. This section discusses how the company’s application process works.

  • The first thing you’ll need to do is to create an account on the No Compromise Gaming website. This will require you to submit your name and email address.
  • Although this allows you to access the No Compromise Gaming site, you can’t lease with them. For that, you’ll need to own an active bank account. 
  • You’ll also submit evidence of a verifiable income source, a telephone number, and a credit/ debit card. 
  • No Compromise Gaming only leases its products to adults. So, you’ll have to be at least 18 years old to deal with them. 
  • After submitting all this information, the customer would then wait for approval. Upon approval, you’ll select a suitable payment method before No Compromise gaming ships your desired device.
  • The customer can then track the shipment of their purchase and their payments using their account.

No Compromise Gaming Payment Plans

No Compromise Gaming offers a variety of payment plans that customers can use to pay for their goods. The choice of which payment plan to go for is dependent on the customer. This section covers the different payment options offered by the company.

Two Payments in a Month

This option splits payments into two installments within a month. This is suitable for people who receive regular income or have extra money now and then. Customers that select this option can decide on two regular payment dates each month.

One Payment in a Month

Customers that earn a single paycheck each month should go for this option. Here, they only need to make monthly payments on a particular day.

One Bi-Weekly Payment

Some workers receive their payment bi-weekly, and No Compromise Gaming can work around that. As such, these individuals make their payments on the days they receive their paycheck.

No Compromise Gaming Ownership Methods

No Compromise Gaming provides four general methods of owning a product. Some of these methods are temporary, while others can become permanent. This part of our No Compromise Gaming review covers all the ownership methods provided by the company.

  • The lease-to-own method allows customers to use the product for a short while and give it back. Although the agreed contract depicts a period of pay for which customers will complete, to own a product, it’s not obligatory. Hence, customers can opt to terminate their contract after 5 months and return the device.

The good part is that there are no early termination fees paid here. Of course, the customer can’t request a refund of their rental fees either.

  • The second method also works like a lease, but the customer can renew the lease every month. However, the product automatically becomes the customers’ after 18 months of renewals, and the lease contract gets terminated.
  • The third method works like a lease too, but here, the customer can choose to complete the payments faster. Using the early purchase option allows the customer to complete the device’s payments faster. It’s also purported to save money compared to the second method.

This method allows an individual to own a device within 90 days. During this period, they get discounts on the stipulated payment. 

  • The last method requires you to follow the contract, where the product becomes yours once you complete the payments.

Products of No Compromise Gaming

No Compromise Gaming offers a wide variety of computer gaming systems and gaming accessories. These devices fall under three categories, which we’ll explain in this section.

Gaming Laptops

The gaming laptops include brand new 17.3 or 15.6-inch screen laptops. These laptops come with the latest processors, such as the Nvidia RTX 3060, the Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti, etc.

Desktop Gaming Rigs

This includes ready-to-ship desktops with a high-tier Intel or AMD processor. Some of them include:

  • The Neon Gaming Desktop houses an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, an air-cooled CPU, Windows 10, etc.
  • The Silver Gaming Desktop offers an Intel Core i3-12100F CPU and other components.

All components of the desktop gaming rig are for gamers. Of course, customers are free to build their rigs.

Gaming Accessories

The gaming accessories at No Compromise Gaming include gaming mice, headsets, RGB keyboards, monitors, and other accessories.


No Compromise Gaming is a company that offers gamers an opportunity to own their dream rig while paying later. This is a dream come true for many. However, the payments are pretty steep when dragged out over several months.

We recommend that you do your research about their offering before signing up. This No Compromise Gaming review should give you enough information to make an informed decision.

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