Mouse Frozen On My Laptop

If you’re experiencing issues with your laptop mouse, you may wonder: Why is the mouse frozen on my laptop? Most users prefer using a mouse over a touchpad since it is more convenient. However, while using the mouse with a laptop, some users have complained about it freezing or not moving. 

So, what causes the mouse to freeze on your laptop? It is possible to think that the mouse isn’t moving because there is a problem with the mouse or touchpad, but it’s not always the case. You may also experience your mouse freezing issue if the mouse drivers are out-of-date or if you have corrupted system files.

Why Is The Mouse Frozen On My Laptop?

The following are reasons why your mouse may freeze on your laptop.

Reason 1: Corrupted System Files

You may experience mouse freezing on your laptop due to damaged or missing system files. If you want to eliminate the problem, you will require running a Windows repair. 

By using the System File Checker, you can determine which system files are missing and have them fixed. 

If you use a Windows laptop, you do not need to install anything additional as Windows laptops have a built-in System File Checker. Here is how to perform an SFC scan on your laptop.

  • First, hit the Windows logo using the keyboard.
  • After that, you need to type “cmd.”
  • Next, you need to click on “Command Prompt.”
  • Then, select the “Run as administrator” option.
  • Then, enter SFC/SCANNOW and press OK.

If SFC detects any corrupted system files, replacing them will take some time. After that, try restarting your laptop and see if the mouse is working again.

Reason 2: Mouse Drivers Not Up To Date

 If you have trouble using your mouse, you might want to try updating the mouse driver because a faulty mouse driver may also cause your laptop’s mouse to freeze. 

If you lack patience, skills, or time for manual updating, you can use third-party software such as Driver Easy to do it quickly. Easy Driver software recognizes your system automatically and finds the appropriate drivers as needed. 

Reason 3: Wrong Function Key Pressed

Sometimes, the mouse won’t move because you accidentally disabled the trackpad by pressing the function keys. That would mean repressing the keys to turn the settings on to make the mouse function. 

Press the touchpad key while holding down the “Fn” key on your keyboard. By moving your mouse, check whether the frozen mouse on your laptop has been fixed.


A laptop keyboard’s touchpad is convenient when you’re in a confined space or on the go. You might have trouble maneuvering a mouse around tiny tables while traveling or at a shop if you’re using it with a laptop. 

But you’re more likely to use a mouse at home or the office. However, sometimes the mouse might also not function correctly. If your mouse freezes, this article will tell you why it happens and how to fix it.

Harold Anderson
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