Is the Dell 9020 good for gaming?

Is the Dell 9020 good for gaming?

The Dell 9020 is a great desktop built it’s not built for gaming. I wouldn’t call it a gaming PC but it can handle a few gaming titles on lower frame rates. It’s a good PC for light use but if you do it right with the specs you can run most games on high, medium, or low settings depending on the game.

The thing is this isn’t meant to be a gaming PC, so don’t get your hopes up for monster performance. Either way here we go with this shortlist of parts:

– Intel Core i7-4770-3.4 GHz Processor

This processor sucks as far as gaming goes:

While the Core i7-4770 processor is pretty decent for casual office and business tasks, it’s not that good for the gaming experience. Since the games are becoming more demanding all of the time, even at low to medium settings, you’re going to need a processor that is better equipped to handle graphics-intensive tasks.

As far as pricing goes this core i7 is between $290 and $350 dollars if bought new on Now if you find yourself buying one of these I’d recommend building your own PC instead because this CPU only has 4 cores. It has 8 threads but 4 physical cores is pretty much equal to being dual-core at best so if you’re looking for a gaming machine stay away from this one guys…trust me!

– 32GB RAM and 1TB Storage:

This model comes with 32GB RAM and 1TB HDD storage which I feel is great for gaming. While this dynamic combo does work well for gaming or doing other intensive tasks, it’s not enough to power through AAA gaming titles.

I’d definitely recommend getting a desktop built for gaming, with a processor capable of handling games, at least a quad-core with 8 threads. This means that it needs to have 4 physical cores and if you have any more than that it’s gravy because then each core can handle 2 threads which is equal to being dual-core from the perspective of the operating system.

As far as storage goes this isn’t too bad I’d recommend getting an SSD for your operating system and using this hard drive as additional storage or deleting some files and putting them on there if they’re often used by the operating system like movies and music.

Also, if I were to buy a gaming desktop, I would preferably go for one with an RTX 2080 0r 3070 video card. It’s the latest and greatest one out there right now and it is capable of running most, if not all, of today’s games, at – or close to – 60 fps on Ultra settings @ 1080p…

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a gaming desktop, I would recommend building your own pc instead since this CPU only has 4 cores. You’ll need at least 8 threads for new games coming out in the next year or so unfortunately :/

What is the best dell Optiplex for gaming

If I really had to choose the best dell Optiplex for gaming I’d say that it would be, most likely, the Dell OptiPlex 9020.

This desktop is pretty powerful and it has an Intel Core i7-4770 Processor which is quite good at handling games with higher requirements. The reason why I recommend this desktop is because while it’s an older PC it has more cores than the other options on the market so you’ll have a minimal amount of lag while playing your favorite games.

I would definitely go out and get one today if you’re looking for something to run games with higher requirements on medium settings or high settings depending on what game you want to play. This processor can handle most modern AAA PC titles running them at 60 fps on high settings at 1080p.

The price of this Dell OptiPlex 9020. is between $350 and $390 if you buy it new from today since it’s an older model that doesn’t sell as well as some other desktops out there that might be a better deal but I still think the Dell 9020 is a pretty good desktop for games.

Wrap-Up: So to sum up, if you’re planning on building your own gaming desktop and want to save money, look into getting an Intel Core i7-4770 Processor and buying your own components separately like monitor keyboard and mouse, etc…you’ll find yourself spending just as much as what the Dell 9020 costs plus you’ll have more than one year warranty with your build compared to 2 months if you were to buy this PC.

However, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of putting together all the components by yourself and are looking for a nice gaming desktop out there, consider checking out the Dell 9020 because it’s powerful enough to play most games at 1080p on high settings while keeping 60 fps or close to that depending on what game you want to play. There are some other desktops out there that might be better but they’re usually more expensive than this one so I’d recommend getting this one instead unless you got the money of course ;).

Dell Optiplex 9020 Details

– Intel Core i7-4770 Processor (4 physical cores/8 threads)

– 1TB Hard Drive (plenty of storage space)

– 32GB DDR3 RAM (more than enough memory to handle most games out there, including some AAA titles like GTA V and Battlefield 3 on medium settings and even higher resolutions. If you’re looking to play those with ultra settings though, I’d recommend at least 12GB of RAM.)

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