How To Rotate Screen On Dell Laptop?

If you own a Dell laptop, you might want to know how to rotate the screen on a Dell laptop? Dell laptops have many complex and secret features that many users do not know about. One such feature is the ability to rotate the graphics within the screen upside down, in a vertical orientation, or back to normal.

Almost all laptops have a way to rotate the screen, though the methods differ. Dell laptops are no different than other laptops when it comes to rotating the screen. You can rotate the screen on Dell laptops in various ways, including the keyboard shortcuts and the hotkey method. You can also do so through the display setting menus.

How To Rotate Screen On Dell Laptop

Every laptop probably has the option of rotating the screen, but the ways are different. Dell laptops offer convenient ways to do so with plenty of options. You have two or more options for rotating your Dell laptop screen. Here is how.  

Method 1: Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are the most convenient way to rotate the laptop’s screen. You must simultaneously hold down Ctrl, alt, and up/right/left arrow. It will immediately change the orientation of your laptop from a standard landscape view.

Further, if you want to adjust the screen to the traditional landscape view, hold down the keys Ctrl, alt, and up arrow. It will flip your laptop screen from any orientation back to the standard view with a gasp moment.  

Method 2: Through The Display Setting Menu

Sometimes, keyboard shortcuts don’t work, so you’ll need to rotate the screen through the display setting menu. Here is how. 

  • Open display settings.
  • Choose the only screen on the menu.
  • Then select the “Display orientation” option from the menu.
  • A list will pop up before you; tap on “landscape” from the list.
  • Click on “apply.” It will rotate your screen to the desired orientation.

Besides, if you want to change directions several times, repeat the process. Nevertheless, for adjusting only the traditional horizontal orientation, select “keep changes” quickly. It will make your laptop stay horizontal until you change the settings. 

Method 3: Using Hotkey

Some laptops have a Hotkey sequence to change the position of the screen. When these keys press simultaneously, it will automatically rotate your laptop screen. Below are those rotations and keys;

  • Normal or upright at 0 degrees: hold on Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow. 
  • Clockwise quarter turns at 90 degrees: press Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow simultaneously.
  • Upside down at 180 degrees: press Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow.
  • Counter-clock wise quarter turn at 270 degrees: tap on Ctrl + Alt +Left Arrow.

In this way, within no time, you will get the desired orientation of your laptop screen. So, press the keys accordingly and promptly adjust the direction you need.


Rotating the Dell laptop screen is straightforward as most Dell laptops function on Windows. I recommend you try the keyboard shortcuts method, which is the easiest way. Also, most Dell laptops will already have this method enabled.

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