How To Find “discord_backup_codes.txt”

If you want to know how to find the “discord_backup_codes.txt”, you need to understand a few things about Discord first. Trying to fix a problem without proper knowledge will not be a good idea. Thus, it is always suggested to gain sufficient knowledge and get rid of any concerns about an application.

It is straightforward to find “discord_backup_codes.txt” on your computer. There is no need for you to carry out a mighty search operation to find the file. Instead, you will be able to locate it in the Downloads directory. It is also the default directory where all downloaded applications and software files get stored.

A Bit About Discord

Discord is an instant messaging platform that allows users to communicate via different techniques. For example, you may send text messages or make a simple voice call. If needed, you may also use Discord to video call your friends. Due to the easy communication feature of the app, Discord is very popular among teenagers.

Unfortunately, Discord is not accessible in certain places, such as schools and colleges. Students find it challenging to access the application using their school Wi-Fi. Thankfully, there are ways to overcome such restrictions and gain easy access to Discord.

How to Find the “discord_backup_codes.txt”

It is not too difficult to find the “discord_backup_codes.txt” file. However, you must remember that it is straightforward to locate if you know where to find it. Here are some steps to help you in the process.

  • On your computer, open the C-drive folder.
  • Navigate to Users and choose Username.
  • Click on the Downloads directory.

This is the default download directory to store any file related to a downloaded software or application. All types of files of Discord will be available in this directory.

Why is the “discord_backup_codes.txt” Important?

How often have you locked yourself out from using an application? In such cases, you require a code or a password to get back inside the application. Similarly, it would help bypass the lockout if you had the “discord_backup_codes.txt”. It is a type of master key that opens the lockout for you.

What is the Discord Security Code?

Discord requires a 2-factor authentication or 2FA. You can get this authentication from the Google Authenticator app. Every time you log in to Discord on your handheld, you will have to use Google Authenticator to generate a new code and gain access to the application.


Although Discord is an instant messaging application, it has some strict security protocols you must follow whenever you wish to log in to the app. If you lock yourself out of the app, you must find the “discord_backup_codes.txt” file on your computer. It will be stored in the Downloads directory, the default location for storing files of downloaded applications.

Discord has gained tremendous popularity among the teenage community. Users use the app to send text messages and voice and video calls with friends and family. However, the app is not accessible in various educational institutions, such as schools and colleges.

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