How To Connect RGB Fans To A Motherboard

Do you want to know how to connect RGB fans to a motherboard? Adding RGB fans to your gaming setup can significantly improve its appearance. However, if you lack adequate instructions, connecting RGB fans can be challenging due to the need to synchronize all the colors. So, how to connect it?

First, switch the computer off before installing RGB fans. Attach the RGB and fan connectors on the motherboard to the appropriate headers. Last but not least, fasten the RGB fans using screws on either side of the case and place them back. By doing so, your RGB fans will begin working with the motherboard.

How To Connect RGB Fans To A Motherboard

Listed below are the methods for connecting RGB fans to a motherboard.

Method 1: Connecting 3-Pin RGB Fan To A Motherboard

3-Pin RGB fans, also known as DC fans, operate at a lower voltage and are less expensive. 3-Pin fan connectors generally have a smaller size than 4-Pin fan connectors. 

The front of it has three square holes, and it has three wires on the rear end. It’s also important to realize that you can connect the 3-Pin fan to either a 3-Pin or 4-Pin header. In either case, it will work just fine. Attach the RGB fans by following the steps below.

  • First, take the case apart.
  • Then, be sure to read the instruction manual that came with the product. Whether a novice or an expert, you shouldn’t ignore the manual.
  • Slots and ports usually have labels. Therefore, it is easy to find out what color they represent.
  • Dismantle the RGB fans from their mountings. Connect the two links on the RGB fan connector.
  • After that, loin the motherboard’s fan headers.
  • Connect the fan headers tightly.
  • After completing the connections, you should now insert the RGB fans in the PC case. Put the fans in the case properly and place them in the front or rear.

Method 2: Connecting 4-Pin RGB Fan To A Motherboard

Follow the steps below to connect your 4-Pin RGB fan.

  • First, turn off the system.
  • Take the case off the computer.
  • Then, attach the fan wire to the 4-pin connector.
  • Use a slotted cable to connect an RGB controller to the fan.
  • Place the controller in the input slot and plug the power cable into the SATA connector on the supply.


It does not matter if you use an RGB fan with three or four pins; either will fit on a 3-pin header. Putting them in is similar to installing regular fans. All you need to do is connect your RGB fan connector to your motherboard’s RGB header. 

But, some motherboards do not come with RGB headers, and some RGB fans will demand specialized controllers. 

Also, make sure your RGB fan is compatible with your motherboard. When you have a board without an RGB header, the fan will run, but you might not be able to see the RGB.  


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