How To Access BIOS On An HP Laptop

To find the advanced settings on your HP laptop, you’ll need to know how to access BIOS on an HP laptop. A laptop’s BIOS is the most critical boot program, and it is built into the processor itself. BIOS chips are usually embedded into motherboards, playing a crucial role in the operation of a PC. You will have to access BIOS to enter the advanced settings on your laptop. 

But how do you access the BIOS on your HP laptop? First, turn off your HP laptop. Then, restart it using the power button. Press the “F10” key immediately after booting up. Upon seeing the Windows loading screen, please wait for it to finish and then restart again. Let go of the “F10” key once in the BIOS menu.

How to Access BIOS on an HP Laptop

It is possible to adjust the system settings on an HP laptop by accessing the BIOS. It’s common to change the boot order of HP laptops so that the computer boots from a CD or USB drive first per your requirements. 

The HP laptop BIOS also provides diagnostic tools for resolving power and memory problems. It is also possible to see memory installed on the system from the BIOS. Here is how to access BIOS.

  • You first need to power down the HP laptop. Plug the laptop into an electrical outlet.
  • After that, restart it. You can turn it back on by clicking the power button.
  • Immediately after booting up, hold down the “F10” key. If you see the Windows loading screen, let it complete its boot and try again.
  • Once you see the BIOS menu, let go of the “F10” key.
  • Using the instructions displayed on the screen, you can adjust the HP laptop’s settings and save them.
  • After saving changes to the BIOS settings, restart your laptop.

By doing so, you can access and edit your BIOS settings on your HP laptop whenever needed.


The BIOS of a laptop determines how it starts and is integrated directly into the processor. Most motherboards include BIOS chips, vital to a laptop’s operation. 

For advanced settings on your computer, you must access the BIOS. The BIOS permits laptop inputs and outputs to communicate with each other. 

You can customize the basic settings on your laptop using BIOS, including the boot order. However, some people using HP laptops usually struggle to access BIOS. Throughout this article, I have covered exactly how you can access the BIOS on your HP laptop.

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