Do GPU Fans Always Spin?

Do your GPU fans always spin, from when you switch your PC on to when you turn it off? And now you’re wondering if it’s normal or if your GPU fans might be faulty. 

The answer to this question is both yes and no. A GPU fan’s ability to always spin depends on the card type and manufacturer. Most current graphics cards produced by Nvidia and AMD feature an option that, by default, prevents the fans from operating unless the temperature rises between 50 and 55 degrees Celsius.

Continue reading this detailed article to learn more about GPU fans and their operating temperatures.

What Are GPU Fans?

A graphics processing unit (GPU) fan is a piece of hardware that circulates air to and from the computer or component to keep the graphics card and the entire computer device at an optimal temperature.

Fans are rated in revolutions per minute (RPM), and a higher RPM rating indicates a faster fan. Note that a fan’s noise level tends to increase in direct proportion to its revolutions per minute (RPM).

Do GPU Fans Always Spin?

Most graphics cards activate the GPU fans when the temperature reaches a particular threshold. The fans will not operate if the temperature is below this threshold. This means that when you switch on the computer, they aren’t going to start right away.

If there isn’t a lot of activity coming from the GPU, the specified minimum temperature might not be achieved, and the GPU fans might not start spinning. The graphics card software allows you to choose whether or not the fans come on based on a preset temperature or if they stay on all the time. 

NVIDIA’s newest graphics cards are programmed to only turn on the fans when the GPU reaches a temperature of 50 to 55°C. When the GPU reaches a temperature of roughly 30°C, it immediately shuts down.

As soon as you notice that your GPU fan is always running, you must examine the wire connections for looseness. A BIOS update or fan adjustment may be necessary, or a damaged graphics card may need to be replaced, depending on the situation.

Important Points To Remember

There is a possibility that a GPU fan will continue to rotate even if there is an issue with the hardware or obsolete BIOS software.


There’s a chance the GPU isn’t in its slot properly. It must be removed from its PCI Express slot, and the power cord must be disconnected. Afterward, connect the power cord to the GPU again and restart the computer.

BIOS Software

First, you should update the driver for the BIOS up to its most recent version. You can usually find the newest version at MSI’s support site. You should probably also update the software that controls the VGA driver and the graphics engine.


Your GPU fans may not be running at maximum capacity, but that does not mean they aren’t working. In the meantime, they’re simply waiting for it to become warm enough for them to turn on. 

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