Dell Laptop Serial Number

Are you wondering how to locate the Dell laptop serial number? A serial number serves to identify the owner and provide warranty information. However, most Dell laptop owners have trouble locating the serial number. So, how to find it?

Finding the serial number can be difficult if you aren’t sure where to look for it on your laptop. You will usually find several tags on your laptop with different codes indicating its serial number. Dell laptops have their serial numbers underneath or at the bottom. Therefore, if you want to know your Dell laptop’s serial number, look underneath or at its base.

Steps to Follow to Find Your Dell Laptop Serial Number

Laptop serial numbers are significant primarily because they enable the tracking of laptops back to their original owners. 

In production and manufacturing, almost all components have unique serial numbers, and the laptop also has a unique number. Below are the steps to finding the serial number of a Dell laptop.

  • Close your laptop’s screen.
  • Flip it over.
  • Find a tag with various character codes, including letters and numbers. This code represents the serial number of your laptop.

Mostly, you can find it underneath the laptop. Serial numbers are also known as service tags on Dell laptops. The label contains the phrase “service tag,” so you know it is the right one.


Getting your laptop’s serial number can be challenging if you aren’t sure where to look. On most laptops, several tags display different codes that indicate the serial number. 

The serial numbers on Dell laptops are present at the bottom or underneath. Serial numbers serve as a laptop identifier and can be used to prove ownership after purchase. 

If you ever experience a technical problem with your laptop, Dell support will require your serial number.

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