Better Discord Theme Maker 

Have you ever heard about the Better Discord Theme Maker and wondered what it is? There are various discord theme makers in the market, but not all of them are worth trying. You might have heard of the Better Discord Theme Maker among some famous theme makers. But what is it?

The Better Discord app is perfect for communicating and socializing with your friends because you can customize it to your liking. This app is likely similar to the original Discord app. Still, it will probably have a more user-friendly interface and customizable options. With Better Discord Theme Maker, you can create unique themes for your Discord.

What is a Better Discord Theme Maker?

Better Discord is a fantastic app to communicate and chill with your close ones as it offers additional custom options. It is probably similar to the original Discord but with a better user interface and customization. 

Furthermore, make unique, tailor-made Better Discord themes within no time with Better Discord Theme Maker. Immediately create a trial and download customized themes. Here are a few steps to download Better Discord:

  • Open a reliable website source and download Better Discord from there.
  • Process the setup and agree to the license.
  • Tap on install Better Discord.
  • Select the directory where your original version is uninstalled.
  • Both apps are now connected. Restart your pc if required.

How to Install a Theme on Better Discord Theme Maker?

To download a theme, firstly, make sure that you have already downloaded the Better Discord theme maker. Here follow the steps below:

  • Download the most favorite theme by tapping on the download button.
  • Save the particular file that you can locate quickly.
  • Go to the themes folder.
  • Then open Discord settings.
  • Press on the Open Themes Folder option.
  • Keep theme files inside the themes folder.
  • Reload Discord by pressing CTRL + R.
  • Enable the theme by switching on the right. 

Better Discord does routine updates, but still, sometimes it breaks themes. You will receive the updated theme within a few days after the update process. 

If you still have not recovered, ask the theme’s author. Furthermore, it can cause an error in the app’s system because of the delay in being up to date. 

Is Better Discord Theme Maker Reliable?

Yes, Better Discord Theme Maker is 100% reliable. You will not ban on Better Discord until you don’t do any stupid action there. 

But sometimes, you get banned for using the app as it violates the terms of services of Discord. It can’ compromise with their security-related issues and ban you instantly as soon as they discover you. 


 In short, Better Discord theme maker is the best app for downloading customized themes. It would be best if you used it safely without taking any stupid action to secure yourself from getting banned. 

Please don’t wait for more to download it instantly to get unlimited fun. Before asking for Discord server help, you may figure out why themes, badges, installing processes, or customizing themes. 

You can send a message on their website with the theme’s name and the question you’d like to resolve. Then you need for some minutes or even for hours. 

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