Are Laptops Allowed In Checked Baggage?

If you plan to travel by plane with your laptop, you might ask, “Are laptops allowed in checked baggage?” The Transportation Security Administration prohibits people from putting specific electronic devices in checked baggage. As a result, most people carrying laptops often wonder if their laptops have also been banned.

You can keep laptops and other similar electronic devices in checked baggage. Nonetheless, all devices must pass through an x-ray machine. The TSA also usually encourages people to pack laptops in their carry-on luggage. You can also keep the lithium batteries of your laptop in checked bags, but not in hand luggage.

Are Laptops Allowed In Checked Baggage?

Yes, you can keep laptops and similar devices in the checked baggage. But you will also have to put all the devices through an x-ray machine. 

Furthermore, the TSA typically encourages people to bring their laptops in carry-on luggage. While you have the right to bring laptops on flights as personal belongings, that doesn’t mean you should. 

Instead, it will be best to consider the many dangers and risks of flying with a laptop. The Federal Aviation Administration does not necessarily encourage travelers to take a laptop on board. 

There is a reason for the delay in deciding whether or not to ban them. Several airlines have changed their policies, requiring you to pack the devices with lithium batteries in your checked luggage, primarily due to their flammability.

Even though laptop fires are rare, you should still take all the precautions. While packing, ensure that you have turned off your laptop completely.

Should You Keep Your Laptop In The Checked Baggage?

Before traveling, travelers must take several precautions to protect their personal information and laptop. Mishandling is one of the significant issues you may run into when keeping your laptop in the checked baggage. 

Your laptop may get affected by flight turbulence, substandard manipulation, etc. Therefore, your gadget is susceptible to damage.

Also, you will likely have your laptop subjected to rough security checks during multiple checkpoints. Therefore, you must protect it accordingly. 

So, if you cannot avoid keeping your laptop in checked baggage, you should ensure it’s well protected and consider placing it in the middle of your bag. 

On the other hand, data theft and hacking are likely to occur if you pack your laptop in a checked bag. Hackers could easily hack your laptop by inserting a chip.

Thus, wrapping your laptop in a plastic bag will be best. Putting it in a plastic bag will make it easier to detect tampering. In addition, the bag has the advantage of being an indispensable piece of evidence.

You can make data theft difficult by installing an additional security system with a fingerprint scanner and other security measures.


According to the law, you can take your laptop in your checked luggage. But this may pose a potential threat to your laptop and your privacy. 

Also, various airport authorities all over the world discourage people from bringing their laptops for security reasons. Therefore, you can place your laptop in checked baggage if you want.

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