Acer vs HP

Acer vs HP: Comparing the Two Brands

When it comes to comparing HP vs Acer desktops, I would say that again, it tends to come down to personal preference. HP has been around since 1939, making them one of the oldest manufacturers out there.

HP desktops are very popular for gamers; this is because they have some really powerful models available that give you great performance for what you’re paying for it. They also tend to have fewer technical faults which makes them a safer choice in my book.

Also do keep in mind that most new computers these days are made from recycled parts anyway, so when it comes down to ‘green’ then HP wins hands down on this factor alone if you’re into being ‘green’.

When compared with Acer, when it comes to quality and reliability there’s no debate as to which brand is better – HP wins, hands down. That said, if you need to save a bit of money on the overall cost of your new PC then Acer is still a great brand for the price.

For this article, we will break down both brands to understand where each of them excels and why.

HP Components

HP desktops are pretty well known for their reliability. They make use of recycled parts, which can sometimes cause problems with the PC not booting up or running slow – many users complain about older HP desktops slowing down after a few months of use, but this is mostly to do with the recycled parts rather than anything else.

I have an HP desktop that I’ve used for almost 5 years now, and apart from installing a new graphics card into it last year (the old one was too outdated to be able to run games properly), I have had next to no issues at all.

The reason for this being my model was very high quality when it came to things like internal wiring etc., so really the only thing I ever had to fix was the graphics card.

HP desktops are very reliable when it comes to hardware like the hard drive, memory, and processor. This is because they focus on high-quality components more than any other manufacturer I know of (apart from Alienware who use first-rate parts for their top-end PCs).

So if you’re looking for a PC that will last you quite some time without needing many upgrades, then an HP desktop will last you pretty much as long as your wallet can take it!

Acer Components

For Acer computers, they tend to be on the lower end price-wise compared with HP. This doesn’t mean they’re not good though! Acer tends to make more models than premium models which are top-end laptops.

The fact that they are expanding means that more Acer computers are becoming available here in Australia, which makes them a cheap alternative to HP computers.

Acer desktops are pretty well known for running quite cool compared with other brands, which is great if you’re not planning on moving your desktop around too often because it will last much longer as there isn’t as much stress being put on it.

This is where the recycled parts come into play again, as Acer uses less good components than high-end PCs but more reliable components than say…Netgear or Dell (if you can even consider those brands ‘reliable’).

It’s worth noting that if you’re looking at getting an Acer desktop then you should definitely get one with Windows 1O or Windows 11.


HP Design

Most HP laptops are built with gamers in mind, so they have the design to go along with them. They’re sleek, good-looking, and often very lightweight which makes them ideal for taking around to LAN events or gaming at friends’ houses.

Acer Design

Acer laptops are built mostly for home use, as most Acer laptops are pretty big compared to other laptops. They’re great for watching movies and TV shows, but not so good if you want to carry it around all day or take it to a friend’s house as the battery life is very poor.

As far as design goes, I think HP wins this round because they focus on making their laptops look nice and perform well for gamers. Acer makes their laptops look nice but that’s about it, they just don’t have the same design appeal that HP laptops do.

So there you have it, a summary of each brand and where they excel. If you’re looking for something cheap with good quality without paying top dollar, then

Acer is probably the one for you. If you’re looking for something reliable with either good quality or high-performance components, then HP is a good brand name for you.

I have to give HP the win in this round because they offer better quality products than Acer. While Acer laptops might look nice and perform well enough, their quality of build seems to be lacking when compared to.

We love the Acer Desktops as well. Acer gaming desktops are some of the most sophisticated in the industry in terms of design and gaming performance, which is great. But there are also a bunch of good Acer desktops for home use that also spot your run-to-the-mill modest design look.

HP vs Acer: Price

For HP computers, they tend to be slightly more expensive than Acer laptops and desktops. This doesn’t mean you can’t find some really good deals though! For example, while writing this article I found several HP desktops for sale on eBay Australia that were less than $300 – which was pretty mind-blowing if you ask me!

You just have to remember that these are used machines so no warranty comes with them at all (well…unless the seller states it does), but then again who cares? If you need a cheap computer without spending too much money, then an old HP desktop may be something to look into.

Acer laptops and desktops are pretty well known for being very cheap – but only of the time! Just like Apple computers, Acer is good at making their models of new PCs seem really enticing so they can sell a lot of units.

As soon as a new model comes out though, its price tanks incredibly fast on eBay and other stores so all the best deals are on the older models!

It’s important to know that price changes depending on the configuration you choose. Some configurations come with features for gaming users while others for everyday use.

HP vs Acer: Reliability

As I mentioned earlier, HP computers tend to be quite reliable when it comes to the internal hardware. As soon as you get an HP computer though, there is still a certain risk that it may not last you very long.

The main reason for this is that HP computers are made with recycled parts, which means that the quality will be not as good as say…a Dell or Acer laptop.

Acer laptops and desktops are very cheap, but there’s a risk you will need to replace it within the next couple of years (especially if you use it daily like I do).

This is because Acer uses the cheapest components around so if they break, it’s not hard to find a replacement part. But on the other hand, if you don’t use your PC too often then an Acer will last you just fine!

HP vs Acer: Performance

For HP computers, they are known for being very reliable when it comes to performance. The downfall for this though is that they use the cheapest parts possible to make them, which means you will need to replace it more often than Acer computers (if you’re on a tight budget).

Acer laptops and desktops are known for running quite cool as I mentioned earlier, but on top of that, they also run very quietly. Acer is known for using very cheap components, so if they break then you can easily replace them or even upgrade your computer with better stuff!

HP vs Acer: Technical Support

While I don’t have any experience myself in this area, it’s pretty safe to say that HP is the best company out of these two when it comes to Technical Support.

Sure, if you buy an HP computer the company will make sure it’s compatible with any software you throw at it because their computers are made from high-end parts. But if something goes wrong…

Acer is known for having some of the best Technical Support around as they can easily replace or upgrade any part of your Acer laptop or desktop. While Acer uses the cheapest parts available, at least you’re covered if something goes wrong so it’s pretty safe to say that an Acer can last you much longer than HP computers!

HP vs Acer: Pros and Cons

Acer laptops and desktops are cheap but not very reliable. They tend to use the cheapest components around so if something breaks in an Acer, it won’t be hard to find a replacement part.

The downfall for this though is that an Acer will run terribly slow if you use your computer too much!

HP computers are known for being very reliable when it comes to performance but they do tend to use the cheapest parts possible so they will need to be repaired more often.

If you don’t use your computer too much though, HP is a great option for a cheap laptop or desktop that can last you long into the future!

Battery life

HP laptops and desktops are very reliable but their components can easily break. If you don’t use your computer too much though, then HP is a great option for a cheap laptop or desktop that can last you long into the future!

Acer laptops also offer decent battery life for their laptops. Most Acer laptop batteries will offer up to 6 hours of work time, but not nearly as long compared to HP laptops which can last up to 6 hours or more depending on the model you get.

To sum this comparison, while Acer’s battery life is less in Acer compared to HP, Acer laptops and desktops tend to run quite cool and quiet which is a huge plus for most people.

In Conclusion

Acer vs HP: So what’s the best?

The answer to that is, it depends on you! While an Acer computer will not last as long as HP does, there are some benefits like less power consumption (in my opinion) and better cooling compared to an HP computer.

But since most people don’t over-work their computers, an HP computer will be just fine for you!

So if you would like to have a cheap laptop or desktop that won’t break soon then go with Acer. But remember this though: If you’re using your computer for more than 1 hour per day, don’t bother getting an Acer because the components inside are cheap and they will only last you a few months before breaking down.

Which is better HP or Acer?

Overall, HP vs Acer is very much a personal choice. If you want something reliable then choose an HP computer because they are made with high-end parts that can last long into the future. But if you’re looking for something cheap that won’t break easily then go with an Acer laptop or desktop!

Is HP better than Acer monitor?

No, Screens are pretty much the same quality no matter what brand they come from. But screens can differ with their features and specs a little bit depending on the model you choose to buy! A few things to consider before buying a new monitor is:

Is Acer the worst laptop?

No, actually I think Acer is one of the best laptop brands out there compared to other brands like Asus, Fujitsu, and Toshiba. While they are not as good as HP or Apple when it comes to reliability, Acer laptops are still reliable if you use them lightly.

They are also very cheap which makes up for the problems you may encounter when using them. So I suggest going with an Acer laptop if you want a cheap laptop that works well and is quite reliable!



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